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   Chapter 152 No.152

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5367

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For Lofflin, the highlight of their arrival at Tremaine's orbital docking facility hadn't been the hero's welcome at the Official Residence of the Planetary Governor, his subsequent promotion to Captain of the Mordrake, or the news that the Corsair home world had been located and a Fleet task force had been sent to wipe it off the star-maps… no, it was watching the former Chief Entech, Ralph Billingham being frog-marched down the umbilical docking corridor off his ship by a pair of hefty-looking Military Policemen!

The crew had two months shore leave on Tremaine Colony during the repairs. Whereas the I.S.S. Mordrake's activities had been concerned with the business of staying alive, their activities now had been to have a good time, live it up, and make the most of it. Joe Lofflin had done just that. …But he could only watch so many movies at the Metroplex, eat so many candle-lit dinners, walk so many gardens and shopping malls, or sleep late so many mornings in a row… before it became… well, tedious.

A movement and a rustle in the sheets beside him in the darkness derailed his train of thought. A warm, naked young body pressed up against him, and he smiled. Of course, it was lovely here.

"Good morning, Captain." Dellon smiled at him in the slightly brighter light of morning. It was so quiet that Lofflin even heard his companion blink.

"Good morning." He smiled back. "Ensign Bennett."

"What time's it?"

"Time you started calling me Joe." Lofflin sighed jokingly. "At least when we're not on duty."

"Yes, sir!" Bennett snapped back mockingly, and giggled. "Sorry, sir

ships, and went on to command other ships for the Space Fleet, and sometimes, as in his case, the Captain retired – or died… If an Exo was viewed as having a good enough standing, they were promoted up to fill the gap, and a new Exo would be either promoted up – or transferred in.

That's how Commander Josh Carlson, aged thirty, came to be invited to this little shindig too. The tall, spindly blond haired man, freshly promoted – just like his Captain – was to be his Exo. With a horribly surreal suddenness, Joe Lofflin realized that he'd reached the top of the food chain on the Mordrake – and there was now nowhere to run, or hide! All of the last seven years as Exo on the Mordrake, he'd known Blaine as the Captain, his superior officer, the supreme authority on ship – and although the man had died, and he'd been promoted two months ago, it still hadn't felt real. His role wasn't to enforce the Captain's decisions anymore, but to make them – as he'd done while they'd been marooned in space, and after Blaine's death… And Carson was taking his old place.

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