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   Chapter 147 No.147

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5630

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Dr. Harry Collins sat at the bar, chatting with Sergeant Murphy and one of the barmen. Murphy was telling a joke that involved Santa Claus, a reindeer and an elf – and quite a lot of hand gestures that had everyone in the vicinity holding onto their glasses just in case. The noise level in the place was drowning everything out. They turned and waved to him in the midst of the cacophony. As for him, Joe Lofflin, his heart was racing and everything seemed to be working out right for a change. At the bar, he and Bennett clinked glasses together. Sipping his drink in the company of his choice, his mind turned briefly once more to the events of the last few days.

It was a happy ending after all, for the survivors – and gods knew, he needed one. They all did. Looking Dellon in the eyes, looking back into his, he felt young again. He felt young.


Dead Beckoning

Imagine, if you will:


The stuff of myths and legends! The Turtle Island of the stars – home planet to the fearsome and once legendary Corsairs – the terrors of the black, the monsters in Human form who killed innocents and waged a campaign of terror against the colonies for decades! Meradinis! The reputation of that place – that terrible place, a place of death and destruction that beckoned to adventurers, killers, profiteers and fortune seekers! Meradinis… The very name of this world grabbed the imaginations of young boys and girls, and universally mesmerized dreamers and romantics alike.

The truth was far less romantic – and as reality so often demonstrates in real life – rather ugly and brutal. The Corsairs who raided nearly every single Human colony over the span of a

to the development of a culture based entirely on piracy. At the end of the Gimp War, the victorious planet Earth had beaten off the alien invaders, and Earth emerged as the new power in that part of space, and as might be expected – as new powers do – they began to expand and to exert their control over the surrounding systems. The Terran Empire's rapidly growing chain of colonies began the inevitable process of pushing back the boundaries of unknown space – and with them, their boundaries. The Terran Empire and its Commonwealth of member colonies became a beacon of peace and prosperity – unknowingly right on the doorstep of a violent aggressor.

In the Omegan Quadrant, Corsair descendants looked back at the distant home of their ancestors and the vast treasury of resources being plied into its space travel, colonization and commerce. These new Terran colonies had the very resources the Corsairs found hard to come by out in deep space. Taking the benefits of the labors of others seemed a logical, convenient – and altogether cheaper – alternative to developing entire infrastructures from the ground up.

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