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   Chapter 146 No.146

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5722

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Mordrake's engines purred below decks like a fat, happy kitten – even though the comparison made Lofflin think of an obscenely large feline, but if warp engines could purr, then they certainly were. It had been a hell of a couple of days. The crew had lost valuable members…colleagues and friends alike. They'd gone through battle together… faced the prospects of certain death… and even circled the drain together. With the ship's main drive repaired and functional, the batteries began recharging again. Comms were still a no-show on the diagnostic, and would be right until the Mordrake received the attention she needed at a shipyard. Tremaine ought to do nicely. Lofflin turned Mordrake around and gently redirected his battered ship onto new co-ordinates, back into civilized space – back to Tremaine for much needed repairs and some down-time. He would see to that. Yeah – and parties.

'Not bad for a team of B-rated entechs, ' Lofflin thought, and smiled. In fact, he recommended upgrades for all of them, without the aid of a screwdriver.

During interrogation, Ralph Billingham never admitted to any crime. No sign of Captain Blaine's body was ever found. Despite his attempt to wipe out all the evidence he could, Billingham failed to destroy it all. Although the medical logs had been mysteriously erased, and the Captain's quarters would need a complete overhaul after the fire, the crystal drive Dr. Collins had hidden, held everything needed to buy Billingham a one-way ticket to a lifelong special holiday on an isolated penal colony. The man would have his day in court, and that was his own problem now. They'd done their part. Commander Lofflin couldn't wait to boot him off the Mordrake when

"Yes." He admitted, shrugging, bucking up. "Call it that. Yes, a date."



"I said 'okay'." Said Dellon genteelly, smiling. "I didn't want to be forward, but I was wondering if you'd ever ask!"

Lofflin felt himself blushing. Like a beetroot. With a light bulb in it. He burst into a grin.

"Okay." He said, elated. "Okay! Get you a drink?"


On his way to the bar, with Bennett in tow, he saw Jessica Kinsley standing beside one of the large picture windows, sipping a glass of wine and chatting to Emira Ruato. She smiled at him and raised her glass. He smiled back and waved. He was happy for her too. The alien data had been completely translated; everything, the alien's whole recorded history and culture as it was stored in the databank had been deciphered and thus preserved for study. It was a real feather in her cap, he knew. She would probably make a career of it when they returned – astro-archeology was a big thing in science circles. There would probably be more trips out this way in future to do further research – and he had an inkling Kinsley would be right at the center of it.

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