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   Chapter 145 No.145

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5730

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"Hey, Mac – whatever you say, you're the Captain!"

A sudden shout echoed across the shuttle deck and time seemed to stand still.

"If you pull that trigger, it'll be the last thing you ever do!" A familiar voice shouted.

"Murphy, my old friend!" Billingham greeted, his aim wavering only a little. Lofflin risked to glance round – good old Murphy! What security marines Murphy had managed to round up had silently surrounded them, appearing as if by magic on the scene just in time. Or so he hoped. After all, after this they still had a bomb to defuse. Ten weapons were being aimed at the rogue officer. Murphy stepped out from behind a stack of containers nearby, a blaster dangling in one hand. He stepped forward, reassured by the presence of his back-up.

"That's far enough, Murphy!" Billingham ordered, breaking into a sweat.

"Drop it, Ralph."

"I'm running out of time. No more games, now. No more games… I'm going to board this shuttle. If anybody moves, Lofflin's toast!"

"No, seriously, drop it, Ralph. You're not going anywhere." Murphy replied flatly, as though there were no doubt of that fact.

Billingham smiled. "You won't shoot me, Murphy! Not today."

"After what you did to the Captain? After what you tried to do to us? Your bloody friends? Fuck you, Ralph!" The chief of security swore. "I don't care if we wait here like this until your bomb goes off, but you're not leaving!"

The tension had mounted rapidly, to the point where Billingham, Lofflin, and Murphy all had beads of perspiration trickling down their faces. Time was running out for all of them. Billingham was cornered and he knew it. Lofflin understood that killing Billingham meant they might as well all re

work out speeches about death, the inevitability of death and the entire concept of death altogether. He preferred life – and right now, the anticipation of it made a welcome change!

The temporary repairs had been completed before the deadline with nearly a day to spare. Taking everything into consideration, that wasn't a bad result… considering that the job had been completed with the nasty piece of work called Billingham clapped in irons in the ship's brig – and the people who'd finished the work were surviving B-rated entechs. Luckily one of Billingham's understudies had been keeping a close eye on how the alien device had come apart on the derelict, so it all went back together nicely. The next-highest in rank entech pronounced the engines ready, and acting Captain, Commander Lofflin, hoped fervently that they were. Otherwise, when they first risked firing up the reflex furnace, the Mordrake – along with a large blob of empty space and a few astors – might have ended up inside an artificial black hole in another galaxy, far, far away. Fortunately, there wasn't even as much as a hiccup – not even a tiny, squeaky fart.

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