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   Chapter 144 No.144

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Billingham whirled round sharply, instantly aiming a blaster at him. Billingham recovered well.

"It's late, Joe – shouldn't you be asleep?" He said, smiling at him breathlessly. "That's all right. It'll be a lot longer than you'll live. I figure I'll make Horner's World in a few months… More if I reduce my metabolism with a couple of doses of Reta-drazine. Alone, I'll have plenty of air, power, food, water... Computer's well stocked, think I'll watch a lot of movies on the way. Maybe I'll catch up on some reading."

"Where will you go from there? There isn't much on Horner's World, maybe a trading station, if that."

"Who knows?" He grinned. "I could use a holiday... After all the hard work we put into this mad errand you had us running. I'm a little frazzled."

"I don't doubt it." Lofflin remarked, sizing his opponent up.

"Yeah. Well, anyway, you said the Fleet might be looking for us… or the Corsairs."

"Why? You want to be a Corsair, Ralph?"

"Why not?" Billingham smirked. "It'll beat dying."

Considering his recent actions, Joe Lofflin didn't doubt the seriousness of the man. In fact he wouldn't put it past him.

"Yeah – black might suit you at that…But we're not dying anymore, Ralph – didn't you get the newsflash?"

Billingham smiled wryly as he dropped a restraint clip to the deck, and changed hands holding the blaster, his aim not wavering an iota.

"Why'd you do the Captain?" Lofflin asked in a level

survivor of the late lamented I.S.S. Mordrake, lost in action – either that or starting a new life anonymously on one of the colonies. Heck, perhaps I'll even the newest member of a Corsair crew, seeking my fortune, pursuing my boyhood dreams!"

The man's having a mid-life crisis. He's nuts, Lofflin thought. A bomb? Is he faking it? No, Lofflin didn't think he would leave so many loose ends untied. Billingham motioned with his blaster for Lofflin to step aside.

"I've chatted enough now." Billingham said ominously. "Time to go. I'd love to stay, but this is your barbeque, not mine! Now turn around."

"So you can shoot me in the back Ralph, like you stabbed a drunk? What's the matter? Can't look me in the eye when you pull the trigger?" Lofflin roared defiantly, ignoring his own self-made rule: Never piss off a madman, especially not a madman who happens to be aiming a blaster at you. Billingham just casually shrugged and raised the weapon at him.

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