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   Chapter 142 No.142

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4869

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"Ow!" He moaned as the good doctor resumed treating his wounds.

"Let's see now – a nasty gash under the chin, cut inside your top lip, several possible sprains…" The surgeon listed in his usual businesslike manner. "A few more assorted cuts, bruises, a few minor burns – oh yes, and noticeably elevated blood pressure… Not to mention the fact that you're lucky to be alive at all!"

"Yeah, Harry, " Said Lofflin lightheartedly, tugging at a few tears and rips in the fabric of his uniform. "Worst part is I'll need a new uniform too – this one's had it."

"So, Captain sir." Harry continued in his taunt, ignoring the jibe. "What are you going to do for your next trick?"

"Let's see now, " Joe said, playing along. "We seem to have solved the problem about the engine damage… we've defeated the bogeyman… blew up one big space ship… that just leaves the small matter of Blaine's murderer."

"And that's practically a minor footnote, considering everything else that'll be in your final report!" Harry smiled. "I'd love to take a look at it when you've finished – if you don't mind. It might be worth framing."

"It'll be the next best seller, Harry." Lofflin chortled. "Where's he now anyway?"

"Down in engineering, busy with the repairs." Said Harry. "Murphy is discreetly looking over his shoulder, checking on him. In the meantime, just over an hour ago, the medical center's subnet rebooted for no apparent reason."


"When it ca

ith Sgt. Murphy – or one of his delegates – keeping an eye on Billingham, Lofflin decided it was a good time to crawl off to sleep. It was the first peaceful night's sleep Joe Lofflin had in over a week. At least, it was meant to be, and it was, while it lasted. After all, the main reason for their concern had just about been dealt with. It felt like the middle of the night when a loud knocking on his cabin door roused him. To be accurate, it was more like pounding. Lofflin had been in such a deep sleep, it was lucky even that woke him! He was too tired to even curse much as he fell out of bed and stumbled to the door. There was more pounding on the door while he sleepily kicked the chair out from under the door handle and fumbled with the lock – couldn't be too careful these days – and anyone who had any doubts could just ask the erstwhile Captain Blaine. When he opened it at last, he recognized one of the youthful male communications specialists on duty.

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