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   Chapter 141 No.141

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5939

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Kaine had vanished, and the outraged demon, staring intently, blade-fingers twitching, tilted what passed for a head his way and began to move towards him. It seemed all up to him again. Instrument of vengeance and justice and peace, all in one – and all he wanted was some of the same – and then to go home… Back to Mordrake and little Bennett…. Even to Kinsley, and Billingham – the sweet murdering bastard. To peace and quiet too, if it wasn't too much to ask for.

The wind had only been momentarily broken by the energy burst, it was still there – and so were the faint wails and screams, which seemed to be fading into it, charging it with momentum, spinning the maelstrom around them faster and faster. Lofflin was at the center of a cauldron of intense… awe – and the power of vengeance and justice and righteous anger, traversing the ages! It was a harmony of discord, an alliance between worlds and cultures and between this life and the next. Time seemed to freeze as he fired again.

This time, it was a direct hit – the beam penetrated. The blast penetrated the chink in the Akx's armor, vaporized the internals and with a deafening concussion blew the left shoulder and the two left arms clean off! The severed metal limbs fell to the deck grid with a squeal and a heavy metallic thud. The machine stood there, staring disbelievingly at the amputated metal limbs as they twisted briefly in smoldering electronic death… then it looked at the gaping wound in its side, and made a shocked little electronic noise as it saw the twisted things that hung from the jagged hole, bubbling and steaming. Hydraulic fluid squirted from an internal feed line onto the wall, and looked like blood spraying from a severed artery. Confused and malfunctioning – and now off-balance

gram. I am the Akx. Error. The undefeated. No. I am the Akx -

* * *

Commander Joe Lofflin sat in the doctor's chair in the quiet sickbay complex, eyes still fixed on the small display on Dr. Collin's desk. Relief and contentment flowed over his aching tired body like the haze of a good muscle relaxer and pain killer. In fact, it was exactly like that.

The detonation was brilliant in dark space – a breathtaking, if volatile and awe-inspiring fireworks display in the darkest night of deep space. It had been silent, but it spoke to Lofflin. A little voice in his mind that whispered, Peace – in a rather creepy spooky fashion – and then faded into silence. When the light show finally ended, there was nothing left, just a cloud of radioactive dust, burnt, pure. Other than the astors, not a single solid object larger than a few centimeters appeared within scanning range. It was a fitting funeral pyre for the old crew, he felt – and for those of his crew who'd died there. It was an old style warrior's funeral – fit for the task, and a fitting end to the obscenity known as the Akx. Rest was well deserved. He couldn't help feeling that an old, old debt had been paid.

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