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   Chapter 140 No.140

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5122

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

Lofflin shivered in the cold. This spooky stuff was all fine and well – but the Akx wouldn't remain distracted forever, and eventually, what had been fated to happen, would happen once it was over! Suddenly, he noticed an inner warmth, not his own, growing inside him… and his racing pulse calmed and slowed. He felt tired, so – tired! His breathing stopped coming in short gasps and became almost normal again, he began to recover, his mind regaining its alertness.

With absurd suddenness, the near-transparent form of a man in armor arose from the corpse of the slain alien commander not a meter away from Lofflin! He recognized the luminous form by the tunic it wore, decorated with gold braiding – it was the captain of the deceased crew, Kaine… Only, like he was long ago, young and alive. Much better looking than his poor grinning corpse. With slow deliberate steps, Kaine moved toward the other side of the darkened command center, a firm expression playing on his face as he approached the metal demon.

The thing saw Kaine, and instantly swiped at him with its blades which passed clean through his form, but did no harm. This seemed to confuse it, as though the Akx wasn't sure which of its sensors to believe. Kaine placed himself so that he was standing firm between it and the shock-stung Lofflin. The ghostly form turned its head to look back at Lofflin, winked, and grinned at him in an all too Human fashion, nodded at him, and then turned to face his eternal foe again. The specter shouted something long and compl

yet again, a broad grin broke on the face of the ghostly form, and Kaine began to laugh. It was a loud, emotion-charged, hollow laugh that seemed more like a battle-cry than laughter – and then, the demon turned its head and saw what Lofflin was aiming at it.

Lofflin squeezed the trigger. It was an unfamiliar weapon, but it wasn't hard to figure out. You held one end and pointed the other away from you – preferably at the target. There was a safety function, which was right by the trigger – easy peasy… but in all his years around weapons of a wide variety, he'd never fired an energy weapon that had a kick before, or one that made his shoulder ache after the first shot! Light blasted the demon, spraying everywhere off it like multi-colored liquid plasma. More debris slewed off the walls and dropped, partly melted to the deck. Little fluffs of dust and debris were cascading down to the deck like a little self-contained ticker-tape parade. Disappointment dawned on him as he realized he'd missed the hole!

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