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   Chapter 139 No.139

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5879

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

Funny, he thought to himself, almost sanely for a brief second – how a little light in a lot of darkness can give so much hope! There were exits – doorways on the way up the stairs, it seemed – but they were locked, and he couldn't find how to open them. Pushing against them desperately in all directions and grunting seemed to yield no results – except frustration, and he'd had enough of that, thank you very much!

So Lofflin climbed on…upwards. How was he to tell where deck three was like this? It should be right at the top – and if he made it to deck one, he would have to find his way back down two levels again from there… He sighed. If he could make it that far!

Then, before he expected it, he reached the end of the line – a doorway loomed at the landing at the top of the stairs… This one was open, and there was a dim light shining through from beyond. He inched forward… and peeped carefully around the corner. It was the bridge! But how? An entech control terminal was still wired into one of the opened alien command consoles, its screen cast a faint blue light over the ancient surfaces of the bridge. He couldn't see any sign of the beast, so he carefully stepped through the open doorway.

Lofflin looked back at the doorway, puzzled, noticing the sudden absence of the door that he had just stepped through! He patted the bulkhead, wondering if he'd gone completely insane... It felt like solid bulkhead under his trembling hands. There was no way back. He'd stepped through it, he repeated mentally. Solid matter… Or not so solid? Interesting. Was it some kind of secret entrance perhaps?

Whatever, he thought, exhausted. He thought about his next move… Reaching the extraction point was his next goal… but since he was here… What

enough to tell you, you smug bastard! Harry…'

Then he heard a sound emerging from the wind – but it wasn't the howling of the wind itself he could hear – it sounded like voices… tired voices whispering, groaning – becoming steadily louder! Suddenly the fear effect dropped slightly as the Akx seemed distracted – then it ebbed away completely! The puzzled hunter had become distracted from its own hunt! The Akx tilted its skull-like head in confusion.

Lofflin, still huddled in an untidy, uncomfortable heap on the deck, began to shiver, from the cold and from – what could he call it? Shock? The voices leveled off, and raged all around him, like hushed angry whispers… but he could also hear screaming and agonized shrieks – and unintelligible squeaks and noises! Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion, frozen time! Had he gone mad? Had the Akx pushed him over the edge? Lofflin had never believed in ghosts or the super-natural – he'd always just had an abiding respect for the dead… but he'd regained enough sense to realize that if the monster – a machine – was distracted by what he perceived to be happening, then what was happening must be real!

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