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   Chapter 138 No.138

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5345

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

He was in the grip of a cold fear, but forced himself to think. Think! Think – gods damn you! He was on deck fifteen… deck fifteen! He had to get back to the stairs – all the way up to deck three! The decks were circular, he remembered – all he had to do was walk in the same direction and he'd end up back where he started! This way! He thought, forcing his legs to move. They felt wobbly and unreliable as he ventured cautiously through the circle of light, and to the edge, and slowly he moved forward into the nothingness beyond it. All was silent. Where was the monster? 'How could it lose him?' He thought. How indeed... It couldn't. 'It's playing with me!' he realized. 'I'm a pawn in its filthy game!'

Lofflin inched slowly forward through the inky blackness. In his mind he knew his foe was a machine, probably equipped with all sorts of sophisticated sensors, thermal imaging, sound and motion detection, it must know where he was! The inability to see around him or where he was going, was frustrating! Not knowing where it was too, was downright terrifying! As he felt his way along the wall of the corridor, Lofflin consoled himself with the knowledge that he'd done his job – the parts they needed so badly to survive were now safely on Mordrake. His crew would live! They wouldn't die gasping for air, or from the cold… He had already won, he realized! Theoretically. That didn't mean that he wasn't going to die, probably screaming, and covered in his own blood and entrails – but that aside, all he had to do now was to get near the extraction point so he could live to celebrate with

in this terrifying nightmare – and the next, he'd appear on the platform and probably run smack into another bulkhead on the Mordrake!

Lofflin drew courage from this little vain humor his frantic mind had thrown at him. His fingers encountered another opening in the passage wall… was it a corridor? No, it was a doorway... H felt carefully forward with his hands against the wall… his feet found air… then lower, a step! Stairwell? Yes, there were steps, leading upwards! Lofflin just started climbing as fast as he could. He was on deck fifteen... Find deck three. Deck three! This stairwell seemed narrower than the other, much narrower by quite a bit – he could touch both sides at the same time! He wondered if the thing could follow. Could it fit? To hell with it! He cursed, then he just climbed on, blindly… Where did this go to? As long as it went to deck three, who the fuck cared? A tiny isolated light here and there at every other turn helped very little, as he would take another turn every few steps after the light, and return to darkness again.

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