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   Chapter 136 No.136

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 6034

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The doors set in the light grey frames that crossed the passage at roughly ten meter intervals were all open, as they had been open for centuries. The silence was getting to him – he heard nothing but the sound of his own breathing! He was thankful that the local bogeyman hadn't stepped in yet to ruin his trip.

Lofflin carefully approached the entrance to the main engine room, and unslung the tank buster, bringing it into a ready position. He entered the dark room cautiously, covering every angle of the room in a 360 degree sweep. All was eerily quiet. Wait! …Something appeared to be wrong! The light from his flashlight seemed to be dimmer! He tapped it against his other hand that held the weapon – but it made no difference! Then he felt a twinge of fear... It felt almost as if someone was very, very angry with him… the kind of feeling a little kid gets when he's sent to the principal's office... or when his parents were angry with him. His knees felt weak and his stomach felt un-settled. At first he thought that something might have gone wrong with the transmatter – but then he remembered the survivors' petrified state – fear without cause! The damned thing was onto him!

Lofflin employed an old trick he'd learned from experience – he thought about Blaine, the incident that got them here, the Corsairs – anything that would make him angry, pumping adrenalin into his bloodstream, steeling his nerves. The feeling of fear diminished slightly. He armed the grenade launcher, using the pump- action slide.

He spotted the two crates near where Pollard had been killed. They stood beside the shell of the generator that had been stripped, and he went over to them carefully. The lids weren't on but all the components were inside. He picked up and examined an object lying on the deck

stepping backwards the way it had come, and turned to look down the passage with small red lights marking their position in its angular skull-like head! The thing loomed there a moment, like a block of granite, a steel hunchbacked Goliath! It looked right at him!

He was suddenly numbed by fear! It stood, playing a waiting game with him… It must've known he was there, crouched behind the fallen girder! The fear decreased slightly again as he worked up his adrenalin… Then it began to approach, clicking softly, pneumatically – a rhythmical sound of death. Lights in pods on the thing's shoulders suddenly flicked on and nearly blinded him! Long knife blades on all four of what passed for its hands slowly unsheathed with an icy whisper! Each hand had five blades – all but one, which only had four. One blade appeared to be missing, sheared clean off at the knuckle… The mystery explained itself as he recalled the body they'd found pinned to the bulkhead on their first trip to this ship! As the thing the old crew had called 'the Akx' drew closer to him, he saw the red lights in the skull-like head grow brighter where the optics were. Now or never. He jumped to his feet and faced the Reaper.

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