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   Chapter 135 No.135

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 6125

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"Yes, sir."

"Now, aside from the bigger opening in whatever's disrupting the transmatter, the one we chose as our arrival point last time – what other locations could you beam someone to?"

"Well… right about there, sir." Wentworth said, pointing at a spot on a level above the previous departure point. "But that's further away from the engineering complex, so you wouldn't want me to drop you there."

"No, it's perfect." Lofflin insisted. At least the thing wouldn't be lying in wait for him there – it would more likely be waiting for him somewhere else – like the place it last saw its quarry disappearing into thin air – or at the crates in the engine room. "Drop me there. Now find another one where you can pull me out again."

"Yes, sir – will this do?"

"Perfect." Lofflin nodded. "Now, while I'm over there, I want you to beam out our dead – use their Allenby markers to locate them. We don't want to leave them behind… and if it's watching it might attract that thing's attention, and give me a free hall pass to slip past it..."

"Yes, sir."

Lofflin was grateful that all Space Fleet staff had a small marker inserted into the base of their skulls on joining the Academy, called an Allenby marker. "Allenby" was a play on the acronym "L.N.B." which stood for Leave No-one Behind. They were useful in keeping track of where Space Fleet personnel were during away missions, and also aided in locking onto them with a transmatter in poor or difficult conditions. It also helped in finding bodies when there were no more life signs. It meant that Wentworth shouldn't have trouble in shifting out the bodies of the crewmen killed over there… at least, the bits that had their markers attached to them.

Minutes later, Murphy returned to the transmatter complex carrying a bulky object he recognized as the grenad

dy parts lay scattered around the place, and there was a smell too – the disturbing stench of the freshly slaughtered. The sight didn't help his mindset much. He consulted the portascan. Interestingly enough, the same phenomenon young Bennett complained of appeared on his display – brain activity! The device showed brain activity! It wouldn't say where exactly – it was everywhere, sort of in the same way as the air! As he stood there, alone in the dark, the thought crossed his mind: 'So this is what it feels like to go insane.'

Lofflin turned round quickly, trying to get a fix on it. No luck there. Then just as suddenly it was gone. Walking slowly, and as silently as possible, Lofflin cleared the old arrival point successfully and reluctantly made his way back to the stairwell. A dim light illuminated them from somewhere below. The stairs were metal and built with sections of latticework, like an old-fashioned fire escape. The stairway twisted down towards the left. They seemed endless, but after several turns he arrived on the fifteenth deck. The corridor was clear, just as it had been before. Some discarded entech equipment lay where it had been thrown by a hasty refugee less than an hour earlier.

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