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   Chapter 134 No.134

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Who else would he send to do the necessary? Bennett? Or a cook perhaps? Maybe Lt. Kinsley? He grinned to himself wryly, resisting the temptation for the latter option, simultaneously feeling the noose tightening around his neck.

Thoughts looped through Joe Lofflin's mind. They made tight little loops, spiraling through consequences and actions like they were simply wind and smoke. He didn't want to send anybody back into that cold dark mausoleum, just to kill the droid – but he had to do it to get the spares they needed.

"Murphy." He called. The ailing acting chief of security, who had slumped onto the deck, and was sitting on it cross-legged and holding his head in his hands, looked up at him.


"How do you kill a war-droid?" he asked.

"I dunno, sir." Said Murphy frankly. "I've never killed one of those before."

"I suppose the same way as you'd kill a tank, right?"

"Yes, I suppose so – but I've never killed one of those either." Murphy told him.

"If you and everyone else who had a blaster over there hit that thing, how some it wasn't destroyed?"

"It must have armor sir." Murphy said, nodding slowly. "Pretty fucking incredible armor."

"Pretty fucking incredible armor, Sergeant." Joe Lofflin grinned. "So blasters won't work. We need something bigger."

"Yeah." The deflated marine sighed. Lofflin could see the man had been twisted through a wringer. "A torpedo would have no problem doing it, sir – but we can't squeeze the ship into those passages,

r was negative.

"No sir." Wentworth replied. "They're dead."

"There's no way you could lock onto the crates without them?" he asked hopefully.

"No way, sir – the hull structure there is too dense to get an accurate lock on them. I could bring them back by sheer luck, or I could bring back little bits of them and a large section of deck plating. We'll only get one chance to stuff up what's in the crates, and if they're gone, they're gone. That's why we had to use transponders to get a fix on the payload in the first place."

"Yeah." Lofflin sighed resignedly. "So if someone put comlinks down right on top of them – this time, making sure the comlinks don't disappear again like last time, you could get a fix on them?"

"That's about the size of it, sir."

"Okay then, " He breathed tensely. "Better let me have your comlink then."

Seeing the indignant look on the woman's face, he justified his request. "Don't worry, you'll be getting it back when you shift the boxes over."

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