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   Chapter 133 No.133

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5196

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

A marine who'd dropped his blaster, equipment and duty jacket as soon as he stepped off the stage wandered aimlessly, seeming to be trying to clear his head. Dr. Collins was trying to be everywhere at once, shouting orders at everybody in general, his two medtechs trying to keep up.

"What happened, man?" Lofflin snapped at him.

"Something in the dark…" The man stammered. "It attacked… it must've known we were leaving... it was waiting for us... it was waiting! It must've known..."

The platform was clear again at last, and the medtechs herded the last of the arrivals out and down the corridor. Wentworth worked feverishly, wanting to get as many back per load as she could, but it was chaos. Life signs on the transmatter console were scrambling about, dropping off her map almost as fast as she locked onto them… Blasts of energy signaled blaster discharges, making things even more interesting. Then she began the last transfer.

"That's it sir." She reported. "That's all that's left."

"How many?"

"Seven this load, sir."



"Twenty one." Lofflin counted. "Out of fifty five."

"Sure there's no one else?"

"No sir." The operator replied grimly. "Not alive, leastways."

The last group was already arriving. One of them was down. Two of his comrades dragged the unconscious form off the stage. It looked like there were multiple stab wounds in his abdomen. There was blood everywhere, all over the body and over those carrying it. He was quite obviously dead. These latest arrivals seemed to be

"That's what I'm trying to do!" Collins called back, trying to herd the panicked personnel toward the exit. "Or do you think I'm managing a dance class here? What am I, a doctor or a sheep dog? Do I look like Lassie to you, son? C'mon – mush!"

Lofflin took stock of the situation. An alien war-droid called the Akx had disabled the transponders, preventing them from beaming out the last two creates of spares which they needed, and they had about two days left before they all froze and suffocated to death on the crippled Mordrake. An unpleasant realization had dawned on Lofflin – someone had to go back. But who? What was left of his entechs would be vital in repairing the engines, supervised by his murderous and untrustworthy Chief Entech, Ralph Billingham, so no, not them. What was left of his Security Marine section was now totally combat ineffective – being injured, spooked and liable to be completely wiped out should he decide to send some of them back to replace the transponders and ultimately retrieve the crates.

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