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   Chapter 132 No.132

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5522

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It was an unknown… No living person had seen whatever it was that was lurking on this ship. No living person. That spelt bad medicine in itself! The odds were that no living person was ever going to either, like the two states were somehow interlinked – and Billingham, perceptive man that he was, realized that they were. Cursing his fatigue, Lieutenant Commander Ralph Billingham huffed and decided to concentrate on his walking instead.

Meanwhile, over on the Mordrake, Lofflin had gone to the transmatter and was waiting beside the jump platform. The search teams that had been on the derelict earlier had returned hours before, after the engineering complex had been found, and it was only the entechs and security marines working on stripping the engines that were still over there. A few others had already just returned, all calm but relieved to be back. They all nodded at Lofflin in greeting and just slowly tiredly wandered off, to their quarters or to grab a hot meal from the mess.

"Well?" Lofflin asked Corporal Wentworth. She checked the console readout.

"The beacons have just gone live, sir."

"Well, what are you waiting for, Corporal?" Lofflin nodded. "Bring them over."

"Yes, sir."

Just the last crewmen were on their way – a mixed party of marines and entechs. Lofflin mentally berated the equipment for not being able to override whatever material was in the alien ship's hull that prevented the transmatter from pulling them out where they were! Dense alloys and shielding in the alien hull seemed to be responsible – they blocked the locking sensors and made this impossible. Machinery could be shifted safely in suc

ultaneously. Urgency and pandemonium reigned – some of it sounded like blaster fire! There was frantic screaming in the background, and it nearly drowned his voice out.

"Mordrake! Shift us out now!" He shouted in the midst of chaos, "Can you hear me? Mordrake – transport right now!"

The operator sprang into action. Lofflin and Collins exchanged more worried glances as if they'd done with the ones they exchanged previously. The shit had just struck the fan! The first group of arrivals materialized on the transmatter platform, blasters drawn. They were a mess – two of them were covered head to toe in blood, exhausted and panting like exhausted race horses as they half-stumbled, half-fell off the platform. By the amount of blood Lofflin decided it had to have been someone else's… All were shaking visibly, and one of the younger entech crew began to sob hysterically. The noise of their terrified jabbering was deafening. They seemed scared to death and it took several precious minutes for Lofflin and the Doctor and his staff to herd them all off the platform and down to the sickbay.

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