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   Chapter 131 No.131

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5455

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"So we'll be careful." Murphy shrugged. Lofflin's claim sounded fantastic, unreal.

"Where are your people?"

"Mine are all here in the engineering complex." Billingham said.

"Good, and yours, Murphy?"

"Right here sir." Murphy added. "Most of us are too tired to go exploring further."

"Good, now get all your people together as quietly as possible and get to the beam-out point – no shouting or running… If it's watching, you don't want to force its hand into attacking you before it loses you for good!"

"Yes, sir!"

"And make sure nobody's missing or left behind!"

"Right, sir." Murphy answered.

"Lofflin!" Billingham inserted into their three-way conversation, "What do you want me to do about the last two crates of spares? Without a bio signature close to the cargo, the transmatter will never get a lock on them here!"

"What about a com-link?" Lofflin suggested. "If you leave one as a marker beacon on them? The transmatter could pull them out then!"

"Sure. That's an idea – yes, that'll work! Okay!" Billingham agreed.

"Now hurry up, pack those things up and get your people the hell out of there!"

"Got it!" Billingham said, and signed off.

"Transmatter operator! Pick up, this is Lofflin!"

"Transmatter, Corporal Wentworth here, sir." A female voice replied tersely.

'What's a marine doing at the transmatter console?' Lofflin wondered at first, before remembering that some departments were short-handed at the moment.

"This is an emergency, Corporal! I want you to start pulling all personnel back from the alien ship right away! Commander Billingham will be leaving a comlin

ting trouble, and weren't armed, and so they stuck close to their armed companions. They didn't know what was lurking in the dark recesses of the old vessel, but judging by the evidence all around them – if it were still around, it wasn't about to ask them to stay and invite them to tea. Billingham was right at the back, making sure none of his people got left behind. Regardless of what Joe Lofflin thought of him, he put his men first – right at the front, like a good leader. Usually the back was safer, a nice safe place to watch from and say: 'Well, that didn't work – Sergeant send some more men and this time we'll try something else and see what happens!'

Trouble was, Ralph Billingham had a really, really big hunch that the front of the pack was the safer place to be right now. It would take them about fifteen minutes at a run, even without the weight of their tools, to reach the departure point from where they could escape back to Mordrake and safety! …But they were walking… quickly, but still walking. While being pursued by a homicidal thing that didn't need rest!

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