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   Chapter 129 No.129

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"Unknown energy readings, mysterious sightings perhaps." Lofflin speculated. "Noises, movements. We might not be as alone on this ship as we thought."

Murphy swallowed drily.

"Yes, sir!"

"Good man." Lofflin said, and gave Murphy a comradely smack on the shoulder as the marine left.

"Doctor, " He said to Collins before heading back to the exit, "I'm looking forward to seeing your report on this as soon as convenient."

"Come on, people – time's a wasting!" He told the idle bystanders, who had given in to gravity and were now more like idle by-sitters. "Yes, I know this is terrible – but we can grieve later. But we have to work now so we can have a later to grieve in!"

The weary entechs lifted themselves off the deck, and moaning with discomfort and pain from stiff joints and sore muscles, began to head back to their respective tasks. Lofflin and a security marine started the now familiar walk back to the beam-out point in the corridor. Familiar or not, the walk seemed to take longer and longer each time, mainly due to creeping fatigue. He was glad for the escort, not just for the company, but also for the added security. He was beginning to accept that Harry's theory might hold a few valid points.

Two crates had already been packed – the two which had been packed aside, one atop the other, waiting to be sent to Mordrake. The transmatter would be used to beam them out later, with the rest, to save power. Something in the hull of this ship appeared to be blocking the sensors and the transmatter, except in a few seemingly random spots where that effect was either absent, or only partially effective. That's why they had to arrive at that spot in the corridor, about half-way up the ship, and why the crates could

ore. Her voice shook as she read the extracts off the notebook to him.

"This is the first relevant log entry, Joe, " Kinsley said, reading. "The captain's name has been given as Armon Kaine. It reads: 'We have put in at… Abnkhorr to take aboard a highly secret package. It contains an experimental war machine which must be delivered to a test site near …Hfelemon – something or other – immediately.' …The next entry is about a day later. One man was killed in an accident in the trash compactor!"

Lofflin pricked up his ears at the word 'accident'.

"The next day, a second crewman – a guard – fell down a stair well – apparently it was quite a long stairwell… After that, several more suspicious incidents are logged, systems failures and so on. Then the comms system failed, cutting them off from their base, and they couldn't repair it. It seems the Captain suspected sabotage. Then there are further mentions of unusual deaths, first described as accidents, then as murders. Investigations were launched. A few more days later, it was discovered that the crate containing the experimental and secret 'war machine' – which was called 'the Akx' was empty."

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