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   Chapter 128 No.128

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Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

"Another one?" Lofflin sighed in frustration.

"Yes, sir. I'm afraid so."


"Yes, sir." Murphy agreed.

"What part of 'be careful' did they not understand?" Lofflin muttered. Godsdammit! Then, "Murphy, was it an accident? Or was it another murder?"

"It's better if you just come see for yourself, sir." Murphy replied in a non-committal fashion. "The Doctor's already on his way."

Joe Lofflin was not a happy man – it had been an exceptionally bad week for Mordrake's crew. The initial losses suffered as a result of their skirmish with the Corsairs, followed by the murders of Blaine and Pollard – and now another crewman dead!

This time it seemed an entech had wandered off alone during a rest period – contrary to Lofflin's last orders, and had a stack of crates fall on him – with much the same result. Splat! By the time Lofflin arrived on the scene, escorted by Sgt. Murphy, Dr. Collins was already there, craning over the slightly flattened remains of Specialist entech Vince Neil, and looking it over with a portascan. The body lay sprawled on the deck grid in an alcove in the alien derelict's engineering complex, and with all the blood and guts that had sprayed in all directions, it looked awfully messy. Two large crates stood on the deck close to the body. One looked a little shabby – presumably on account of having fallen on the unfortunate Neil. One side – the side closest to the body, had an ugly red smear all over it. The rescuers – or those who'd rushed to help him, must've simply rolled it off the body. He coul

nodded. "You think he did it, sir?"

Lofflin was ninety-nine percent sure that Billingham had killed the Captain, but just as he was sure of that, he was certain the man couldn't have killed Pollard – not while being on the Mordrake, anyway. Billingham was a killer alright – but he wasn't the man who killed Pollard. Why should he? Pollard was one of his techs – so was Neil. Every tech he lost made Billingham's job incrementally harder. Something else was going on here, perhaps nothing to do with Billingham at all.

"No, not this time, Sgt. But keep an eye on him anyway – nobody else knows how to put this lot back together again."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, Murphy…" He added softly. "Keep an eye out for anything strange."

"Strange sir?" Murphy asked uncertainly. As far as he was concerned, seeing one of his crewmates squished under a crate of spare parts mined from a seven thousand year old derelict alien ship to try and repair their own engines so that they didn't have to die in three days' time, was pretty strange.

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