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   Chapter 127 No.127

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5377

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Some minor tool recalibrations had to take place before they could really get started. Bolt and screw sizes and drive types had to be compensated for and in some cases improvised. On top of that, the damn things all tightened anti-clockwise. No more 'righty-tighty, lefty-loosey'. That took some getting used to. After a few hours, Billingham and his team had partially dismantled the auxiliary generator, packing the components they needed into holding crates for transportation back to the Mordrake. They had a real little production line thing going, or Billingham reflected, more of a destruction line. He and entech Neil would strip the parts, pass them on to Jackson and Fredericks who wrapped them in anti-static wrap, and placed them in the crates. Two crates, each about a meter square, were already ready to be shipped back to Mordrake. It seemed they would fill another four by the end of this exercise. At least they were halfway with the second pair by midday. By then, the team was exhausted, physically as well as mentally. Many of them had gone without sleep for more than 48 hours. Spanners were starting to fall from fumbling fingers and tempers were beginning to flare. Jackson and Fredericks got into an argument, and Neil had to step in to break it up when it became physical. Billingham called a halt for an hour and ordered them to split up for that period – to go and rest somewhere apart, get something to eat and drink, and just calm the hell down. Some of them did that, some tried to sleep – and considering how hard they'd been working, they didn't have to try very hard.

Vincent N

catatonic seizure before it even has time to realize it is dead. Energy absorbed. Capacity increase. It collapses. Just like the others. No challenge. Weakness. There will be more of the soft creatures. I have fed. I hunger for the next time. I wait in the shadows. I watch.

* * *

Commander Lofflin had tried to finish his book, but now that it seemed more likely that they weren't going to die after all, his head had been filled with thoughts of the future and of getting out of their current predicament, so it had been harder to concentrate on reading. Hal Symonedes and his little quest was going to have to wait for another day. Besides, his planned quiet afternoon reading session in his cabin – a.k.a. a good opportunity to catch up on his sleep, had just been interrupted by the intercom buzzer.

"Lofflin." He replied.

"Sgt. Murphy here, sir."

"Yes Murphy, what can I do you for?"

"Not for love or donuts, if you don't mind me saying, sir." Murphy quipped, "But would you mind meeting me on the derelict again? There's been another …accident."

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