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   Chapter 126 No.126

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5488

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"Yes, and the funny thing is, so did the poor alien sons of bitches I have in my freezers in the morgue. Remember the test results I gave you? "

"You mean the adrenalin readings? The fear thing you mentioned?"

Harry nodded, almost smiling as he saw the penny drop. At about the same time as Joe Lofflin's jaw.

"Well, you're going to love this news, Joe. Mark Pollard's blood samples came up exactly the same – a perfect match. Identical."

"Identical? They're aliens."

"Aside from the basic genetics, I mean. C'mon Joe, you know what I'm getting at!"

"But surely the fall…" He began. Then Harry put into words what had just dawned on him.

"Not enough time to pump that much adrenalin into the bloodstream." He said. "Don't ask me why I checked it, just being thorough I guess. Pollard was probably dead before he hit the bottom."

The story about Pollard's screams told to him by Specialist Johnson resurfaced in his memory and waved a little red flag at him. This threw a whole new light on things – and it didn't look good from where Lofflin was sitting. It seemed farfetched, but plausible at the same time. Perhaps that was just because it seemed to explain all the gaps in the story so far.

"But what could cause fear like that, Harry?" He asked the doctor, who seemed to be on something of a roll. "Okay, wait. I can see you've been thinking about this for a while, haven't you? So go on, hit me."

"Okay, you caught me." Harry grinned, downing the last of his tea. "What could break the will of a warrior, or an army?" He asked, relishing the question. "What has always weakened an army's fighting resolve?"


. They decided to take that one. Or at least the part of it they needed – if they didn't need the whole thing. They hoped one would do the trick. After all, who'd know what would happen if they disconnected the other? It was still functioning, even though its output was very low. Each of them was about the size of a very large old-fashioned musical organ complete with pipes and paraphernalia – and that comparison wasn't used lightly either – it looked like a steampunk's nightmare.

It was a few minutes work this time to connect their control terminals to the ancient control consoles, and a few more to locate certain functions of the system. The lights in the engine complex, disused for nearly seven millennia, burst into sudden bright white light. Cold and clear. It made the team's eyes water after all the darkness. It also made the horrors of the detritus scattered on the decks look even worse, more real, closer somehow – magnified, and all the more tragic. Footprints in the dust on the floor had been disturbed, and showed how the team of entechs had moved through their tomb.

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