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   Chapter 125 No.125

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"Ugly." He kept muttering under his breath at intervals as he carefully dissected his eggs and toast. Followed by "Poor kid". Harry was taken aback by what he'd just heard Lofflin say.

"Say again?" He mumbled with a mouth full of food.

"I said; Ralph was here, Harry– on this ship when Pollard died."

Harry chewed on both concepts for a minute, the eggs and the problem.

"Looks like we have a problem!" Lofflin added.

"I've been thinking about this." Harry said eventually. "There are two probabilities."


"One: Billingham killed Blaine, and someone else killed Pollard, in which case you now have two killers."

"Uh-huh." Lofflin said, sipping strong coffee, and listening intently. "Or?"

"Or, two: somebody else killed both of them, and we were wrong, and Billingham is innocent."

Lofflin took a deep draught from his mug of coffee, and wished for once, that it contained a wee dram of something stronger, preferably made by people who used words like 'wee' and 'dram'.

"My sentiments exactly." Harry continued, seeming to turn something complicated over and over inside his mind, like mental calculus. "Of course, there is a third option."

"A third option." Lofflin nodded, impressed. "I'm listening."

"Billingham killed Blaine, but neither Billingham nor our mystery crew member killed Mr. Pollard."

"That sounds a lot like option one." Lofflin grunted. "What are you saying, Doctor?"

"No, not exactly. Think about it, Joe. Ok

out, just like most of us. Add to that the psychological strain of working in darkness, surrounded by evidence of carnage, dead bodies everywhere… Then add to that, the thought that anybody might be next, and their buddy might just be the killer. …And then there's something else too."

"Oh, I can hardly wait."

"Almost everybody over there in the past twenty four hours has complained of feelings of apprehension, fear, nervousness, a feeling of being watched… I've heard them – I've been fielding requests for tranquilizers since yesterday."

"I know." Lofflin admitted. "I've felt it myself. So, some people are a little afraid of the dark – some have superstitions about the dead. It's natural – goes back to the days of the caveman."

"A lot of them are marines, Joe. Most of them have been in fights before – they've seen death before. They're not that green."

"Dead bodies in a strange, dark place will do that. Even I felt it – couldn't wait to get out of there!"

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