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   Chapter 123 No.123

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"Part of the alien data is ready for viewing, sir."

He groaned inwardly. Already? But part of him also sighed with relief. Progress!

"Only part of it?"

"I'm afraid so, sir – the science section is sending a linguistic expert now to explain."

"Linguistic expert? I didn't know we had one."

"Lieutenant Kinsley, sir."

Oh yes, he sighed. Her.

"Acknowledged. Let me know if anything unusual happens on the other side."

"Unusual, sir?"

"You know, like someone else dying. Gods forbid. Anything along those lines."

"Yes, sir."

His bed was messed up, and had remained unmade for almost a week now. Still, it looked so inviting when he saw it, he had to really fight himself to not just dive headlong back into it, uniform and all. Instead, he picked up the duvet and threw it back over the bed, trying tiredly to fluff it out so it looked almost neat… as if he didn't need to sleep through the night like 'normal' people.

Jessica Kinsley arrived a few minutes later. She looked tired, like everybody else did lately. She had a small cut on her forehead, which appeared to have almost healed up. Still, it didn't detract from her beauty. He knew some things about her. The fact that she was good at her job, which was something obscure in the science and surveying department, which probably meant she spend most of her time updating star charts or observing comets – or in this case, translation. He knew she spoke fluent Russian, French and German, and possibly even Ruminarii, maybe with a slight accent. The last time he actually had a conversation wit

naged to grin. "Fine, thanks Jessica. That's great. Er – can you show me a key to the deck plans so we can try to locate the engine room?"

"Okay." She smiled back. The key that appeared on the screen was worded in the same bizarre way. They scanned through it, not finding anything that flashed 'Engineering!' at them in bright neon lights, with shiny illuminated flashing arrows pointing at it. In this way, they went through fourteen more deck layout plans before arriving at one that seemed to show promise.

"We might have something here!" He muttered, his eyes lighting up. "Some of those terms – 'dormant flame', 'unmoving might..."

"Order place of might, " Kinsley added, "That could be their Engineers' bridge."

"It might be – if 'dormant flame' means fuel? So could 'unmoving might'… Engines perhaps?"

She smiled at him. It made him uncomfortable. This is just what he was dreading about meeting with her again.

"Did you ever think of taking an interest in languages, Joe?" Jessica asked casually. "You're quite good at this."

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