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   Chapter 122 No.122

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"Yes, sir." Murphy nodded.

"Witnesses?" Lofflin appealed to Pollard's team mates, who gave another round of silent, thoughtful nods. "I'm sorry – not witnesses, since none of you actually saw anything, right? You just heard Pollard screaming?" Another round of silent nodding followed. "Now – are any of you injured?"

Everyone present shook their heads in apparent surprise to the accompaniment of a couple of subdued 'No, sirs'.

"Okay, so tell me then – if that's the way it happened, how come, up there – where there are no bits of metal he could cut or impale himself on – there's fresh blood splattered all over the walls?"

Flashlights were now suddenly being shone all around the corridor to where Lofflin had been pointing. A sudden chill ran through those assembled, including Lofflin. It was true! Hidden in the shadows above the opening to the shaft, where the others had failed to notice it before, there were splashes and spatters of wet red. Fresh blood. Not terribly much, but it was all over, like someone had stabbed into Mark Pollard and swung the blade around between strikes. Someone gasped in the silence. No amount of theorizing could explain that away. No accident could have done that. Murphy's slack-jawed expression told him enough.

"Some policeman you are." Lofflin said to him in a low tone, and gave the beleaguered Murphy a wink. Murphy's awed, worried, puzzled gaze followed him

elopment didn't seem to make any sense! This time round, the entire crew – including Billingham, knew they still had a very good chance of getting out of this mess alive – so why commit a second murder? Was it to sow doubt?

Pollard's death was no accident – the blood spray on the walls proved that… he'd been killed – but someone had wanted them to think it was an accident. Why? The second victim was an entech, one of Billingham's own men. Coincidence? Had the lad done something to make him unpopular with the man? Billingham was on the derelict as well, but where was he at the time of the alleged accident? The log would provide that answer… His comlink buzzed. It was the bridge.


"What's your location, sir?" An uninterested relief generic coms officer asked.

"On my way back to bed. It's nearly five AM, and I want to get some sleep – so I can get up for breakfast and at least pretend I had a good night's sleep."

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