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   Chapter 119 No.119

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"But…" Harry continued. "I did find something really interesting – whether or not you decide it's useful is up to you – I analyzed the blood of all the specimens I got sent, and what came up is this: at the time of death, their blood was filled virtually to capacity with adrenalin and the corpuscles were in a state of shock. By the sheer amount of adrenalin and a few other telltale signs I'd rather not go into right now, I'd say with some degree of certainty these people died in a severe – I say again, a severe – state of nervous trauma or psychological shock."

"Meaning what, Doctor?" Lofflin queried wearily. "In plain Terran?"

"Meaning that these people didn't just die from their wounds, horrible as they may be – they died of fear. In short – they were so terrified that they died from seizures, or some of them would have, if they hadn't bled to death first."

"But why?" Lofflin asked perplexed, "What in hell could cause so much fear?"

"I don't know – but whatever it was, it must have been so terrible they couldn't face up to it without going insane. Poor bastards."

A long moment of silence passed, pregnant with questions. Harry looked up at him and smiled a thin, tired smile.

"Well, Commander, was that useful?"

"Now don't you start." He groaned. "And yes. No. Maybe."

"Yes, no, maybe?" Harry chuckled. "That what you think of Billingham? What are you goin

offlin's sails.

"What… what d'you mean 'missing'?"

"Just what I said, Joe." Harry explained. "I happened to check earlier, and it's disappeared from the locker it was in."

"Are you sure?" Lofflin snapped. "Did you check them all?"

"Dead sure, Joe. He's not in any of them."

"But how, Doctor? Blaine obviously didn't walk out of here by himself!"

"Don't you think I know that, Joe?" Harry retorted, showing the strain he was under. "Nobody saw anything unusual. I'm understaffed as it is – I only have three nurses left, running double shifts, like me – the rest are in that same locker!"

"Security logs?" Lofflin suggested.

Harry shook his head. "Gone."

"Great." Lofflin exhaled, and ran his fingers through his hair. "We know 'who', and we know 'why', but what we don't know is 'where'. Where would he have put the body?"

"He wouldn't keep it, Joe." Harry conjectured. "He'd have to get rid of it."

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