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   Chapter 118 No.118

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Walking that way back alone in the dark was an eerie and creepy experience, but he was determined to not let himself be put off by it. Having remembered the way back to the beam-out point where they'd first arrived hours ago, Joe hadn't had to navigate by portascan again, and the going was much faster. The hanging corpse on the wall again loomed ominously on the edge of shadows as he slunk past it, his footsteps echoing eerily and crunching ominously over not gravel as he walked by. Just over half an hour later, he reached the beam-out point. Going down stairs was a lot easier and faster than climbing up them – and anyway, he'd already seen all the local tourist attractions before, more than once.

* * *

I move forward. Down the deserted corridors. I walk silently. I see them.

* * *

It was already well into the night shift and the relief crew was running the ship by the time he stepped off the transmatter platform on his return to the Mordrake. Lofflin checked in at the bridge for a status update – "All systems nominal". Wherever he went, it looked a lot like night time, just darker than usual. It was late, he was tired and he'd already had one hell of a day so far. He put off going to bed, and made his way to Blaine's cabin first. A marine on guard at the corridor junction had made himself comfortable on one of the slender chairs from the mess hall. The man stood quickly to attention on recognizing Lofflin, and allowed him to pass.

The door was unlocked, and opened easily as he turned the handle. The lights in the lounge didn't work anymore, but those in the adjoining kitche

r story. There are some minor peculiarities in their physical make-up, such as the fact that they had no separate liver or kidneys but some kind of single organ that serves both functions. They also have three-chambered hearts like reptiles native to Earth, unlike us – we've got four chambers. There were some other minor differences in appearance – their hair color seemed to vary between pure white, blond and light brown… and their irises seem to have been red, yellow, brown or – pure black. That is, just from the samples we analyzed so far."

"Must've been a real hoot at parties." Lofflin nodded. "Do they look like any alien races we know about?"

"No, not with anything we have in the database."

Harry paused to let this sink in.

"So we have no idea what race or civilization they came from?"

"Nope." Said Harry, sitting on a wheelie-chair tiredly. "Aside from those differences they were probably just the same as any humanoid species we know about – except for the Ruminarii of course."

"Hmm." Lofflin smiled. "Thank the gods for small mercies."

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