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   Chapter 115 No.115

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"Yes, sir." Murphy agreed. "I think you're right – he's the only one I've seen wearing gold braid."

"Of course…" Lofflin said, giving the sergeant a lopsided smile, "We have no idea what gold braid could mean to these people – they're aliens… could even mean he was their janitor!"

Lofflin rose again to survey the bridge further. The damage done to it was quite considerable. Pieces of framework could be seen where bulkhead panels had been blasted and burned off, chunks of melted, blackened stuff that looked like plastic, lay on the deck near the doorway. Little pieces of debris lay scattered all over the deck grid. Some looked like pieces of the shattered door. Bennett still had his portascan out and seemed to be checking everything.

"Whatever did that to that door must have been pretty damned powerful, " Lofflin said, brilliantly stating the obvious, and bent down to pick up a piece of debris sticking out under a pile of plastic material. When he tried to pick it up, the entire object, for only a part of it had been sticking out, came away in his hands. When he saw its shape and felt the weight of it, he knew it was a weapon – an energy weapon or laser of some kind! He handled the chunky rifle-length object carefully, as he had no idea how it worked. If it still did. It looked quite dead.

"Well, at least we know what that is, sir." Murphy smiled at him grimly. He grinned back, carefully replacing the thing on the deck, under the console where it wouldn't be stepped on. Then Lofflin took out his comlink and called the other teams to get their reports. Neither had found any sign of an engine, or an engine room as yet. One of the teams had reached the bottom of the stairs, but found nothing

puters, Billingham had tracked down the functions of various controls and now believed he'd figured out how to remotely reactivate the derelict's mainframe computer. He leaned on the keyboard of one of the portable computers. It sat on top of the console it was connected to, and in theory at least, it would now directly control the functions of that console, playing the role of a 'translator' of command functions – even though technically, there was no way yet to know exactly what the effects of accessing those functions would be.

"You a gambling man, Mr. Hayes?" Billingham asked the entech working on another console behind him.

"Not really sir." Specialist Hayes, who was busy with a task of his own, replied casually. "A few hours ago though, if I were, I'd say I'd lost."

"Yeah – well, we might be about to find out." Billingham nodded, and touched a function that had been lit up on the entech computer's display pad. A few seconds later, the console began to hum softly, and some lights on the control surface began to light up. He nodded, satisfied. "Call the Captain for me please – they're outside somewhere in the passage."

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