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   Chapter 114 No.114

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"Thank you, Specialist – please include your scans in your report."

"Yes, sir, I will!"

"Would you please put me through to Dr. Collins?"

"Dr. Collins."

"Did you hear about the fire in Blaine's cabin, Doctor?" Lofflin asked.

"I just did a few minutes ago – one of my nurses told me."

"Was anyone hurt?"

"No, nobody to my knowledge."

"It seems a little coincidental, don't you think?"

"Very." Said Harry cynically.

"I just wanted to make sure you saved a back-up copy of your scans of Blaine's autopsy and crime scene scans somewhere safe."

"Well, not yet, but I will right now, Joe!"

"Good, Harry." Lofflin sighed. "Looks like someone's trying to cover his ass by destroying evidence. Better make it a good hiding place."

Harry signed off, and Lofflin went back to managing the search team's efforts. In the meantime, Murphy's team had discovered a spiral stairwell that resembled an old Terran building fire escape of sorts. Looking up and down with their flashlights showed other entrances to every level at the points where the staircase met each deck, above and below. The staircase appeared to start deep in the bowels of the ship, right at the bottom, and wound upwards and around what appeared to have been an elevator shaft, extending perhaps to the very top. Looking at the extreme top for a bridge or command center made common sense to Sgt. Murphy, and so eventually, after considerable effort climbing to the top of the winding metallic stairs, they emerged inside what could only have been a command center. Why look for a command center when what they really needed would be attached to

nd destruction that surrounded them! He took a step up onto the raised deck grid – something about the corpse that lay on the deck grid was different from the rest they'd seen, and he wanted a closer look. The corpse was much like the rest – mummified, but there was something else. He knelt beside the gruesome sight, and looked at the face. It was contorted, frozen in a look of pure horror – an eternal scream! He reached out and felt gently along the rip in the dull, dusty red-brown tunic with his fingers, along the ridges of the gaping wound across the literal dead man's chest. Long ago, blood had poured sideways over it and dried there, cementing the cloth to his mummified skin. Lofflin finally put his finger on the difference between this corpse and the others – there was gold braid on areas of the tunic, glinting faintly around the neck, sleeves and along the shoulders in the light of their flashlights.

"What's wrong, sir?" Murphy asked in a low voice, seeing the curious expression on his face.

"I think this was their captain – see this?" Lofflin asked, pointing.

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