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   Chapter 112 No.112

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5210

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The hackles had risen on the back of his neck. That made him tense, and what was worse, the others seemed to be ex-periencing the same feelings. Malevolence factor zero, the words looped inside his head. He was growing tired of that phrase... it sounded like a challenge – or an invitation... He actually jumped when his comlink beeped. Was it twenty minutes already?


"Sgt. Murphy here, sir. We've found a couple of bodies – this whole section of the corridor's full of them, also a whole room full to the side is littered with them."

"Do they look Human to you, Sergeant?" He asked.

"Hard to say by sight, but the scans say so sir. They seem Human enough, at first glance anyway – male and female, judging by the armor." Murphy replied. "At least, I couldn't imagine why a male alien'd be wearing a breastplate with – well, breasts on it, sir."

Lofflin couldn't think of anything to say to that, so he said nothing and simply let Murphy continue in a news-reporter matter-of-fact tone that didn't help his mood much at all.

"There're pieces – chunks of bodies everywhere. Also, blood on everything – the walls, the deck, instrument consoles… dry of course. It's not a nice thing to see on an empty stomach, sir. Even if they're mummies."

"Any idea how they died?"

"It looks like hand to hand combat, sir... but they all seem to be wearing the same uniforms." Murphy said, and paused again.

"What do you make of it then? Mutiny?"

"I dunno, Sir. Sure is a mind-fuck. Sorry."

"Well, we're not here for a history lesson anyway

ry, brittle lava flows, and as they forged onward, the intense feeling of a foreboding unnatural force began to make its mark on them. They gradually became tense and jumpy in the twilight. They felt like they were being watched. Murphy said as much in his next call, and Mullany agreed with him. Even young Dellon nodded. So too did Lofflin. Once again, he suppressed the feeling of being watched and came to a decision. He tapped Ensign Bennett by his elbow.

"Do another life scan, please – all levels this time." He told Bennett. "Look for something intermittent, something that might not be active all the time. Scan for anything. Anything at all."

Marine Specialist Mullany looked tensely towards him from the other side of the corridor, looking uncertain and edgy. His knuckles showed white around the flashlight and his other hand was hovering close to his sidearm. Without a word, Bennett complied. The young man looked as if he wanted to say something, thought better of it, and ran the scans again. Better safe than sorry.

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