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   Chapter 111 No.111

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5793

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"Yes, sir." Murphy nodded.

The party spread out slightly, glancing around at what appeared to be a scene of devastation rather than something caused solely by the ravages of time. What looked like light covers and scorched power cables hung from the ceiling. Only one light shone dimly, coldly nearby, and cast weird shadows on the walls – which were covered with grime and dust and ugly smears that looked suspiciously like blood. Unidentifiable debris of a wide variety lay scattered on the dust-covered floor.

The corridor seemed to follow the shape of the outer hull, and curved slightly, disappearing at both visible ends. Another dim light hung from a power cable, half ripped from its casing, at the far end of the corridor. The other end behind them was in total blackness. They probed the blackness beyond with their flashlights. They only saw more of the same.

"Looks like a little bit of hell broke loose here!" Murphy remarked in a raspy voice.

"Lucky we missed it!" Said Bennett eagerly. "By about a million years!"

"Yeah. Six thousand." Lofflin said thoughtfully, adding "let's hope so" under his breath, before continuing, "Bennett, Mullany, come with me. The rest of you go that way, " He said pointing at the darker side. "We should meet at the other side of the ship if this corridor goes all the way round. Contact us every 20 minutes. Just in case."

They moved on, the two groups heading in opposite directions, flashlights and portascans out. Bennett held his portascan and smiled grimly, feeling the reassuring pressure of the sidearm in his hip holster. The Sanjan SJ-10 was a high yield energy weapon, the standard side arm of the Imperial armed services. He, like the others, hoped he wouldn't n

A small section of rust or blood covered blade stuck out from the steel in front. The handle of the weapon was missing, the blade had apparently snapped off.

The eye sockets, hollow, seemed to give off a penetrating stare. Claw-like hands, frozen in time, had reached out pitifully in midair as if grappling with an unseen enemy. Its ancient clothing was tattered and torn, stained in places with ugly black caked dry blood. An evil looking stain, dry and dust-covered lay spread on the floor below – and everywhere, dust… dust and decay and now death as well.

"What a way to die." Lofflin commented, trying to suppress the sickening feeling that started gnawing at him. He'd been thinking a lot about death lately, he realized – and far more than he'd wanted to. Edginess, followed by nagging questions, old and new, began to tug at his sleeve. How did the unknown alien die? Who or what had killed him, and why? What happened to the rest of the crew? Were they killed in the same way? Was it because of his over-active imagination that he now felt as if he was being watched from the shadows – by something unnatural, possibly even something evil?

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