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   Chapter 110 No.110

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"Ha ha." Lofflin replied with mock sarcasm. "Keep your eyes open, please."

"Don't worry, I'll fire everything at them at the first sign of trouble, sir!"

Lofflin knew there were no working shipboard weapons left. So did Lt. Tan.

"And what will you fire at them?" Lofflin asked with mock-sarcasm.

"Harsh language, sir." Tan grinned. "What else?"

Lofflin grinned. So did most of the bridge crew.

"I'm serious, Fylip. Keep your eyes open."

"Okay, sir. For all the good it'll do."

The dead ship hung in the center of the viewscreen, dark and menacing. A phrase repeated over and over in his head. 'Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly…' And it seemed the fly was well on its way. Lofflin looked over his shoulder at Lieutenant Blige, the communications specialist.

"Adrian, better program a 'black box' – just in case. Include all the last Log entries since three days ago and all sensor telemetry from our first sighting of the derelict up to now."

"Will do, sir."

The bridge was returning to a form of order. A look of puzzlement came over Emiira's face as she studied her further scans on the derelict. Lofflin turned round to see her apparently double checking something.

"What is it?"

She seemed to disbelieve the information the computer was putting on the display. Curious, he went to her.

"What is it, Emiira?" He asked.

"You're not going to believe this, sir, " she almost whispered in a tone of near disbelief. "Dating estimates that vessel t

three marines for the team, and two entechs. Have them meet us at the jump platform, ASAP."

As Blige went about this task, Lofflin straightened himself and smiled at Ensign Bennett.

"Mr. Bennett, what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to the transporter room!"

"Yes Sir!" Bennett replied enthusiastically as he left his station and went for the doors. Feeling hopeful, Joe Lofflin followed.

* * *

The party of seven from the Mordrake arrived in what had looked like a corridor on the sensor readout. Wherever it was, it fairly resembled a corridor in shape and form. It was dark and the air was still and cool, and it smelled and tasted dry and dusty. Lofflin turned on his flashlight and saw the others, Bennett, Murphy and four security marines standing beside him, side by side. They whipped out their flashlights as well, and began to look around where they stood.

"Well, " He said to them, coughing slightly from the dust. "Let's look around and see what we've got here."

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