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   Chapter 109 No.109

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There was a sudden scuffle as they rose and made for the door, suddenly active again, making mental lists of things to do, preparations to make. There was something else to do now, other than to wait for their previously anticipated doom. The news seemed to have cheered them up, but Lofflin was willing to bet credits to cupcakes that one of them was quietly shitting bricks.

"Ralph, " Lofflin called. Billingham turned, just as Joe casually tossed something to him. Ralph caught it equally casually, on reflex. He opened his hand and looked at it. It was a small data pad.

"What's this?" He asked.

"Some readings of that ship in the astorfield. See what you can make of it, would you?"

"Yes, sir." Billingham nodded.

As he turned and left, Joe and Harry exchanged knowing glances. But despite their knowledge of the case, they both knew it was just circumstantial. They had nothing much in the way of actual proof – not right now anyway. For now, they needed Ralph Billingham and his technical expertise. They all did.

* * *

Making the announcement on the ships com-net was one of the high points of Joe Lofflin's career. A few cheers echoed here and there around the ship. Trouble was, that was just the announcement of Blaine's death, though the news about the derelict ship was received equally well. In less than half an hour, the depressed and lethargic crew had been jarred back into action. Suddenly there was hope, there was purpose again. It was like they had been snatched from the jaws of Death – and now they just had to make it all happen.

Satisfied, Commander Lofflin turned from the com console and


"I'm still analyzing, Commander." She replied. "So far the computer's drawn a blank. The design doesn't match anything in the database – not even any known Ruminarii design. Life scan shows absolute zero on all levels. Not even bacteria, nothing."

"So it is a derelict." He concluded. "Any power readings?"

"That's the weird part." She explained, eyes still fixed on her instruments. "There is something, very low down, hard to focus on. It's like trying to get a fix on an echo of a power signature. I'm having trouble locking in on the source. All I can say is it's somewhere on that ship."

"Never mind." He told her, getting caught up in the moment. "Fascinating, isn't it?"

"Very. I wonder how long it's been here."

"I would've thought you would be the one to tell me!" He grinned and looked over to the helm desk, where Bennett was stroking the top edge of his console, deep in thought.

"Fylip, anything cooking in there?" He called to the relief weapons officer.

"No sir, " Lt. Fylip Tan said as he looked round at him quizzically. "Silent as a tomb."

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