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   Chapter 108 No.108

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5194

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Lofflin looked from Collins to Billingham.

"And that brings us to you, Ralph." He said. "Where were you?"

"Where do you think I was?" He snapped. "In engineering, trying to figure a way out of this mess that – asshole dropped us in. This is the furthest north of Engineering I've been in days!"

"Any alibis?"

"Yeah – a couple dozen entechs, who were assisting me in a fool's errand. You think it's me now?"

"Just checking, Ralph, " said Lofflin calmly. Looks like everybody has an alibi, he thought. Nice. That would make things even more complicated. Well, he didn't think it was going to be easy.

"Any luck?" Lofflin asked.


"You said you were trying to find a way out of this mess. Did you?"

"What do you think?" He snapped back. "We're so far from any worthwhile light source that we can't even use solars – there's not enough light out here. The emergency batteries will last around four days still… five if we're lucky, although it's going to get really cold by then The gravity net will fail somewhere thereabouts too. No way to recharge the batteries. Quite honestly, I don't see the point – even if we could, we'd be stuck out here for a very, very long time. We've been trying to figure out a way to bypass the main coil, make the energy flow from the reactor compatible with the charging system – but smarter men with more PHD's than I have, have been working on that for nearly a century."

"Did you try running it through a shield generator?" asked Collins. "Aren't they supposed to be nearly the same thing

are parts?"

Lt. Commander Billingham straightened up abruptly, like someone had just turned off the screensaver. It seemed like they were back in the game again. Back in business. To say he was astonished and caught unawares by this new development would be an understatement. The implications suddenly became impressed on them – if they could find something on that ship that could help them repair their own ship – their troubles were over! No more inaction, no more waiting to die – they would be saved… all they'd have to do was to get off their asses and make it happen.

"You're serious?" Dr. Collins asked. "Like, for real?"

"Serious as a cerebral aneurism, Doctor." Lofflin nodded. "Well, Ralph?"

"I'll…er – We can take a look." Billingham ventured cautiously. "I'll take some of my people round. See what we can find."

"Okay, " Joe said, noting the absence of action among them. "That's it people! Let's get to it! Our lives are at stake here. What are we running – a ship of the line or a holiday cruise liner?"

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