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   Chapter 107 No.107

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"Don't know." Murphy replied. "Captain's been locked up in there for days – wouldn't even let the cook bring food to him!"

"He'd been stabbed once – right between the shoulder-blades." Harry explained.

"Any suspects?" Billingham asked. "Who found the body?"

"I did." Lofflin said. "The door was locked from the inside, so I used my access code to get in, and found him that way."

"Did you do it?" Billingham asked, smiling. "Huh – Joey-boy? Did you finally grow a pair and give the old bastard what he asked for?"

"No!" Lofflin snapped. "Someone else had been there before me! If it were me, why would I call it in? …Why not just leave it quiet and not say anything? Nobody would've known about it since he'd locked himself in his room like a sulking teenager!"

"Look!" Said Harry loudly over the barrage of outcries, objections and expletives. "All we know is that someone else must have used a security code to get inside Blaine's cabin!"

"But to override the Captains code…" said Collins, before being interrupted by Murphy, who said;

"That would mean it would be a senior staff member! One of us did it! One of us! In this room!"

Silence fell rather dramatically. Lofflin's gaze swept over them. They all looked stunned. The strain of the last few days was telling on all of them. As departmental heads, having to maintain order and discipline on a doomed ship, among a doomed crew, theirs was no easy task; and to still hold their own lives together while doing that was

ttle deck – the cook saw me getting soup at the galley… um – oh yes, Ensign Bennett on the bridge."

"How about you, Sergeant?" Harry asked, smiling. "Care to tell us your whereabouts?"

"After the assembly on the shuttle deck, me and the boys went back to Security and played some poker, " said Murphy. "About five of us, Corporal Miller won the pot. I was with them when I got the call from the Commander to seal off the corridor leading to the Captain's cabin."

"Okay, " Said Harry. "As for me, I was busy doing my rounds, treating injuries. Anyway – if my code had been used it would've triggered a few alarms on the bridge – as well as registering several unrelated log entries, I'm told – that weren't tampered with, incidentally."

"Everyone, " said Billingham. "It's very easy to go around making careless accusations about who killed Blaine. We could point fingers all day and get nowhere. We would make far better use of the time we have to try and find a way out of this mess."

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