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   Chapter 106 No.106

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"Yes – and there aren't many of us left – that includes both of us." Said Lofflin, looking at him quizzically.

"Well fuck you too, Joe!" Collins grunted, half-jokingly.

Lofflin gave a wry little chuckle. He knew only too well that as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Collins would have triggered an emergency response alarm and yet another log entry in at least three separate computer systems if he'd used his access code to over-ride Captain Blaine's lockout code. Plus, he was right-handed, and so was Lofflin.

"Well at least you know I didn't do it." Lofflin said. "And I know you didn't do it."

Dr. Collins pondered his statement for a moment, and then grunted.

"Perhaps neither of us should elaborate on that."

"Well, screw you too, Harry!"

"Well, where were you in the last four hours?" Harry chuckled wryly. "Why worry about it, Joe – in a few days it won't matter one way or the other. The killer, whoever he – or she is, will die along with the rest of us. In a few months, or years, or centuries, someone will find us and try to piece all this together – and by then it won't matter."

Trouble was, Lofflin realized, Harry was quite correct. In the end, under the circumstances, the killer would die along with the rest of them… But then, nobody but he and Bennett knew about the chance they all might still have – and as tenuous as the evidence of the murder was, if the killer realized they weren't all going to die anymore, they would have a powerful motive to cover their tracks further, making their discovery

bly with a drink by the elbow, but not today. Lofflin and Collins quickly brought Murphy up to speed. To say that Murphy was shocked was – well, hard to say. The hardened security marine had seen a lot in his time in the Service, and so while he was a little surprised, he was hardly shocked. They talked about it a little while, and presently, they were joined by the Chief Engineer, Lt. Commander Ralph Billingham. Billingham paused at the door, noting the Captain's absence.

"Planning a little mutiny, gentlemen?" Billingham quipped, choosing a chair in the circle near Collins. Sgt. Murphy cleared his throat.

"Nothing could be further from the truth, sir." Murphy said. "But it looks like someone had murder on his mind."

"Huh?" Said Billingham, bemused.

"Gentlemen." Lofflin began, eyeing the door to make sure it was closed. "As of 14:35 ship's time, I officially assumed command of the ship. Captain Blaine was found dead in his cabin just over an hour ago."

"Dead?" The entech exclaimed. "How? When?"

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