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   Chapter 105 No.105

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"You find him?" He asked. Lofflin nodded. "Like this?"

"Yuh." Lofflin nodded again.

"You didn't actually do it, did you?" He asked, and then grinned as an afterthought.

"No!" Lofflin cried out, shocked. "No, of course not!"

"That's okay, " Collins smiled at him. "I didn't think you had it in you anyway. To do something this cold-blooded. Still…"


"Can't say I'm sorry though. Or that he didn't really deserve it."

"That's not the point, Harry." Said Lofflin tiredly. "He was still the Captain."

"Hmm." Said Collins like a typical doctor, before adding: "And now you are."


"Nothing, nothing." Said Harry innocently. "You can relax, Joe – I know you didn't do it."

"You do?" He asked, puzzled. "How?"

"The killer was left-handed."

"You can tell that with a medical scanner?"

"As a matter of fact, I can – the angle of the wounds is consistent with a lefty." He said, showing him the display on the medical scanner. "Either he was left-handed – or just very good at stabbing people using his left hand. He's been dead about four hours according to this – bled to death – that's why there's so much of this red stuff all around – almost as much blood platelets as alcohol. The blade cut the spinal cord there... Heart also ruptured, near the aorta. He probably died very quickly, lucky bastard! Dead drunk too. Appropriately. Hmm."

Lofflin ignored the Dr.'s sarcasm, and pointed at the knife protruding from Blaine's

suppose he asked for it." Harry said flippantly.

Loflin gave him a hard look.

"Nobody asks for this." Lofflin said. "Anyway, we covered the 'why'. Now we just need the 'who'."

"Hell, that's easy – you only have about two hundred suspects, and they're not going anywhere. Trouble is, they'll all be dead in a few days anyway."

Slumping into the sofa, Lofflin grew silent, pondering. He felt tempted to say 'so why bother?', but didn't. Then a light seemed to go on somewhere in his upstairs apartment.

"That's just it, Harry – we don't."

"I don't follow." Dr. Collins sighed, sitting down next to him.

"The door was locked. I had to use my access code to get in."

"So?" Collins shrugged.

"How many of us can override the Captain's lockout code?"

A look of understanding dawned on Collins face. "Yes but, only – senior officers…" His voice trailed off into a worried little whistle as realization dawned on him as well. "At least a level six clearance."

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