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   Chapter 104 No.104

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4773

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He turned away. What now? Get out! This looks damning – what if somebody saw me here? Wipe my prints off the door, the bottle, the key pad – my gods! The key code! The computer logs all their uses! It'll identify me! What now? But I've done nothing wrong! …But who did this?'

Lofflin forcibly calmed himself, as his thoughts became angry. Who did this?

Then he went over to the intercom panel by the door. As an afterthought, he pushed the door closed. It shut again with a gentle click. A frown crossed his face as he remembered the music. Under the circumstances it was just too much, so he went over to the table and turned the player off again. He went to the intercom in the wall beside the door, and pressed the appropriate key for security.

"Security." He croaked, and swallowed hard to steady his voice. He realized he was shaking. 'Pathetic', He thought angrily.

"Sergeant Murphy here" A bored reply came, long seconds later. Lt. Commander Val Dorschech had been killed in the incident three days earlier – her neck broken in a fall. The rest of the security section's officers hadn't faired any better – a lieutenant and all three ensigns had been lost as well. Murphy was the highest-ranking security marine left.

"This is Lofflin. Are you alone?"

"Not exactly, sir. Me and the guys're um, playing a hand of poker."

"We need a secure line – no extra ears, please."

There was a short pause. A few v

pped and fell on his own knife while sitting in a chair, it looks like murder to me, Dr." Lofflin snapped. "Make it as quick as you can Harry."


"Remember, keep it quiet. The last thing we need is a panic."

A few minutes later, Sergeant Murphy called him on the com to say the doctor had arrived. Lofflin told Murphy to let him through, and opened the door.

"Jesus, Joe!" Harry exclaimed after Lofflin closed the door behind him. Harry had a large bag slung over one shoulder. "When you told me, I couldn't believe it! Seeing him like this is even worse!"

Lofflin nodded.

"Did you bring everything you need?"

"Yeah." Collins replied. "Forensic doo-dahs up to the wazoo. Okay, let's have a look at him..."

They examined the corpse together, in situ. Blaine had been sitting at the table as before when he died. Collins scanned the corpse with a medical scanner, and then another, taking readings simultaneously with both.

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