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   Chapter 103 No.103

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5051

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Lofflin carefully looked for the promised artificial object… He keyed in signal boosters, and drew on his years of experience to refine the results displayed on the screen. Suddenly, an object seemed to drift into view on his readout, standing out from the other masses surrounding it, in that it was smooth and reflected more light. It was a bit off to port, where a cluster of astors must've hidden it from the sensor probes. It was just there, like it had somehow just slid into existence at that very spot. Maybe it had. Maybe that scared him, just a little, just thinking about it. All that aside, the readouts were – well, strange, but his experience told him all he needed to know. The kid was right – it was artificial. The scans of the object came back all screwy and the computer analysis looked even worse, but there was little doubt in his mind that it was a ship of some kind!

"Readings seem to indicate a ship, sir – but…"

"Okay, I've got it!" Lofflin replied.

It seemed to be dead, cold – no indication of life at all. One thing was certain – if it was a ship, it offered them something... The possibility of a way out. Spare parts perhaps, maybe even a way to communicate with Tremaine colony? Salvation. Or at least a fighting chance!

Lofflin keyed in the visual sensors. The display showed a slightly fuzzy image of an artificial object he didn't quite recognize.

It was a ship all right, but the computer didn't recognize it either. The readings were a little… abnormal. Whatever i


The door lock clicked and it swung open silently, and this time, the lights were on inside. The Captain was slumped over the table, almost as before, senseless… But this time, something was different about him – something was wrong… horribly wrong! Lofflin's blood ran cold! All his elation drained away. Blaine's dead eyes stared at him, his mouth agape.

The handle of an antique dagger stood proud from a dark patch between his shoulders. Blood had run down and across his back to the chair and had formed a puddle on the well-worn carpet! On wall beside the mirror, someone had drawn a word in the Captains' blood.


In his shocked state, Lofflin wanted to retch, but he choked it down. A scream of alarm, shock and anger tried to get out, but he denied himself the luxury! In his mind, the words looped round and round, 'someone's murdered the Captain! Someone's murdered Blaine!' The realization of it raced up and down the landscape of his mind. 'My gods! My gods! What the fuck?'

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