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   Chapter 101 No.101

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5473

Updated: 2018-06-30 12:02

The main drive unit is in one piece – but without the coil to process the energy from the reactor, we're dead in the water, and running on emergency power… So here we are, light years from anywhere and no means of moving the ship! Life support is running on the emergency batteries, and I guess I don't have to tell you that without the coil or the engines, we have no way to recharge them.

I also shouldn't have to spell it out that without power, the life support system won't work – which leaves us in a bit of a mess… So I guess we have a few more days of air left at best."

Lofflin's eyes took in the reactions this provoked in the faces of the crew assembled before him. They were contemplating their future, which seemed an altogether bleak affair.

"The nearest habitable planet is Tremaine – which is three days away at warp. We've lost our long distance comms – they're essentially gone, which means there's nothing left to repair… so we're alone, off all known shipping lanes. We're on our own, as they say. I can offer only one hope: When we turned back to Tremaine we informed the star base that we were on our way – we should've been there by now, so they may have realized something's wrong, and launched a search for us. Aside from that, although we've been drifting for three days, there's still a possibility that the Corsairs may be out there looking for us as well.

Far from assuming a defeatist attitude, I would suggest that while duty was our cause until now, desperation has to be our cause from here on out. Surrender and capture is preferable to – to what awaits us otherwise. There's nothing to be gained

y were, they weren't moving on their own… it was Mordrake that was moving. The ship, still carried on by momentum, seemed to be drifting towards them at a fairly slow pace. What were they? Bennett jolted into action and scanned them. What was left of the sensors wasn't very good, or even terribly accurate, but it was something to do – and he was young and hopeful.

* * *

Meanwhile, a few hours after his unpleasant experience on the shuttle deck, Joe Lofflin was sitting in what used to be the senior officers mess – a rather small dining room adjacent to the main crew mess. A few chairs had fallen over and the chandelier had fallen on the table, but otherwise it was nothing a minute's cleaning up couldn't fix – that is, assuming anyone felt like spending their last few minutes in this plane of existence tidying the fixtures. He sure as hell didn't! Humph… it was like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic! The most he'd done was to sweep a few pieces of crystal off the table with his hand, and to right two of the chairs – one to put his bum on, and the other for his feet.

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