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   Chapter 99 No.99

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5311

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

"Enemy coming about, Captain!"

"Next salvo, Whittacker – three torpedoes, lock and load!"

"Ready sir!"



"Torpedoes away!"

"Evasive maneuvers!"

Their quarry fired more countermeasures – small low-powered explosive device, essentially anti-torpedo torpedoes, which intercepted the Mordrake's torpedoes, and detonated them. Then the Corsair fired its forward lasers at Mordrake. They were heavy industrial cutting lasers, not the standard military type blasters that could be absorbed, deflected or blocked by shields. Fired at such close range, they were extremely potent. The beams lanced across Mordrakes' upper dorsal hull, punching holes through the heavy alloy plating. The ship vibrated around them as it took the hits. The lights flickered and dimmed before fading back up to full strength again.

"Engineering to Captain!" Came that annoying small tinny voice again.

"What is it?" Blaine fumed.

"At the rate she's fluctuating, we're going to have a total failure on our hands at any minute! You've got to ease off now, sir – if you don't want to blow the works to kingdom come!"

Lofflin studied Blaine. The man's eyes were hungry for the kill! He was losing it! He wanted it too badly to let it go – no matter what!

"Captain." Lofflin called. Blaine looked him in the eyes. "We can lose the ship if we keep this up. We're in no shape to take them on like this! It would be wiser to -"

"Commander Lofflin, shut up – or ship out!" Blaine snapped. His words had an edge to them, an edge that said compellingly, 'I'm the

onversion drive, the sub-light propulsion system, everything cut out. Gravity and life support failed too – which was in these days something of a rarity indeed. The ship shuddered and shook, and the space-frame groaned eerily below decks and screeched around them as the heart of the ship tore itself apart. A look of dumb surprise appeared on Blaine's face, and became etched into Lofflin's memory.

"Now you've done it!" Lofflin remembered saying angrily, "You dumb stupid fool bastard! You've killed us all!"

Then the lights went out, just before the six Corsair torpedoes hit them at various locations, mostly critical. It was, in hindsight, surprising that only fourteen crew were killed – and that there were any survivors at all. Most of those had some kind of injury. The Mordrake had drifted blind and helpless for seventeen hours before Billingham and his surviving entechs were able to restore power to what was left of the ships external sensors. By then, they were nowhere near Horner's World – and there was no sign at all of the Corsair.

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