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   Chapter 98 No.98

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5485

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Lofflin remembered the knot of tension in his stomach. The adrenalin was pumping! They were about to join another ship in battle! The two, he knew, would be about evenly matched in terms of size, weaponry and power outputs – although strictly speaking, a converted loderunner shouldn't have posed a serious threat to a full warship – but the Corsairs were smart, clever enemies. Heavy industrial lasers were potent weapons at close range, capable of penetrating cutting through thick hull plating like, well – like industrial lasers. The ships of the Black Fleet were extremely versatile – they fired black market acquired slam-torpedoes the same as theirs…when in season, or they could just sling car-sized iron-bearing 'roids at them with the same electromagnetic rail guns they used to launch the torpedoes. The end result was pretty much the same! The whole time, Lofflin remembered worrying about the state of the engines, how long the dicey ionization dampers would be able to handle the load of all the extra systems on the power grid operating at full power... Blaine's callous disregard for the risk involved didn't help matters much, and Lofflin had a mind to log a report on the matter.

"Range two thousand." Hewitt reported.

"Secure all stations." Blaine ordered. "Raise shields. Helm, plot evasive and standby. Weapons, set a spread of three torpedoes at two second intervals."

"Aye sir!" The two replied almost as one.

"Engineering to Captain Blaine!" A tinny little voice came from the com-panel in the Captain's armrest. He answered.

"What is it? Don't you know we're about to engage an enemy ship?"

"Before you

t point four."


"Torpedoes fired!"

There was a barely audible ka-chunka-chunka-chunka from below decks, of the torpedoes being launched.

"Clear!" The weapons officer reported.

"Evasive maneuvers!" Blaine ordered. "Bring us around to face their starboard beam – weapons, target their engines!"

The dot representing the Mordrake swung round to port in a horizontal plane, swiveling round to cover the Corsair's starboard flank. The Corsair had other fish to fry right now – the three little points of light that marked the slam-torpedoes as they moved swiftly across space towards their target. Suddenly, three more emerged from the enemy ship.

"Enemy has fired counter-measures!" Came the report from Lieutenant Whittacker. He saw the six little points of light become closer, then become three and then none. "Torpedoes neutralized."

The whole battle had been pretty textbook up until then. Blaine was a stickler for procedure and rules. Mordrake's bow was still facing the Corsair, with its main weapons facing it. The enemy began a starboard turn to face them.

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