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   Chapter 97 No.97

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5148

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No, Lofflin thought grimly, the idea wasn't to die for a cause, no matter how great and glorious – it was to fight for it and to stay alive in order to keep on fighting for it until there was no longer a need to fight anymore! Not to die like this – wasted – like spam in a can, awaiting a slow lingering death! He sighed. Hmm. That's what they said in World War I, calling it the Great War – the War to End All Wars, only it didn't quite work out that way, did it? War isn't great, not great at all. Not by a fucking long shot! No matter how noble the intent was of inspiring people to go to war to make it 'the last war, ' there was always another one to follow, because war breeds war. War is a constant. For some nations, and in some periods in history, it was both way of life and the basis of economies.

Lofflin remembered the day it all fell apart, the events replaying in his memory. Only three days ago and yet an eternity… He'd been kept busy assisting the Chief Entech, Ralph Billingham in the ships main engine room most of the morning. He'd actually gone to check up on progress on repairs to one of the ship's systems, and then got sidetracked – Billingham was a little short-handed at the time, with all his entechs running about the ship to check on glitches and other problems as they came up. Lofflin still remembered how glad he was to be on the way to Starbase 91 near Tremaine Colony. Tremaine was almost a paradise, covered by vast unspoiled forests. It was a beauty, alive with an abundance of native plant and animal

line, which gave Mordrake a distinct advantage over it. It wasn't another civilian ship or 'just a loderunner' they were facing here, since that would've been identified as D class… unarmed.

"C class!" Lofflin exclaimed. "At least we stand a chance then – under normal circumstances, but what if the engines don't hold up?"

Blaine waved him off.

"Helm – intercept course." He ordered.

"Aye sir."

"Comms – standard greetings, see if we can get their attention."

"Standard greetings." The comtech officer repeated, attempting to contact the other ship. A few short moments later, he reported back.

"Nothing, sir – can't raise them."

The moments that followed were filled with tension. That's a bad sign, Lofflin remembered thinking. Good for Blaine, bad for them.

"Ready shields!" Blaine ordered, having reached his decision.

"Shields, aye!" The weapons officer reported.

"Standby all weapons!"

"Weapons, aye!"


"What is it?"

"They're coming about, sir – moving to engage us!"

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