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   Chapter 95 No.95

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5139

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

He started banging on the door again with his fist until it occurred to him there was only one way he was going to see Blaine – his security access code. He punched it into the keypad beside the door. A green light on the faceplate winked on and the door unlocked itself. He turned the knob and opened it a crack, noticing that no light showed through the gap. Consequently, when he swung it open, the fact that it was the largest cabin on the ship – practically an apartment – having a lounge, dinette, bedroom and bathroom, went completely unnoticed. The music was just reaching a heartbreaking crescendo, something indefinite about a horse with a flowing mane and a girl with big boobs – it was hard to tell from the song which was which. Under ordinary conditions, Lofflin would've laughed at it.

"Captain?" He called from the doorway. Receiving no answer, he took a few steps into the darkness. "Lights!" He ordered the computer.

In a blinding instant, it was as though the room had never been dark at all. Little green spots clouded his vision for a long moment before his eyes became accustomed to the bright light. His eyes swept the room – he was in the lounge. On the other side of the room, a low archway led into an open plan kitchen-cum-dining area. It allowed the Captain of the ship a little more freedom, some privacy – and even the opportunity to host guests for dinner and so on. It was, Lofflin knew, one of the few privileges of the position. Against one wall stood an opulent sofa, possibly old leather, and in fron

n his glass. "Goin t'go back, see – sso sst-op wastin yer time!"

Lofflin felt the anger rising inside him. It was an uncharacteristic anger, and before he could stop himself, he felt one of his hands grab the man's tunic at the shoulder, while the other slapped the glass flying! His knuckles stung from the blow, but he was past caring! To hell with the consequences, he thought – what the hell could they do to him that was worse than the fate awaiting them? Then he grabbed the Captain by the other shoulder as well, and shook him.

"Damn it, sir – we have to expect the worst, but this is no time to turn your back on us – your crew – the crew you took an oath to protect and lead!" He grabbed the half empty bottle from the table and brandished it under Blaine's nose, his bloodshot eyes swimming in shock. Lofflin was shouting now, but was beyond caring. "Does this help you to forget that oath, Captain? Does it make it any easier to ignore the pool of shit you dropped us in? Will this make your guilt go away?"

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