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   Chapter 94 No.94

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5635

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These horrific and small scale attacks had been gradually increasing in size, scope, brazenness and frequency until just two years before, a fleet of black Corsair ships had descended on three local colonies simultaneously and killed almost a hundred thousand people, mostly civilians. The commonwealth media named the atrocity the Christmas Massacres.

In a desperate attempt to even the odds, Space Fleet increased recruitment efforts, and instead of retiring several older ships, put them into a refitting program to prolong their lives and increase the ship-count of the Main Fleet. The Phoenix Refitting Program resulted in a twenty percent increase in patrols to be made of the frontier worlds, while newer, larger warships were built to directly tackle this invisible enemy. Finally, just three months ago, the Imperial Senate had tasked the Space Fleet to make forays into the Omegan Quadrant with the following objectives:

1) Locate the Corsair home world.

2) Engage any Corsair ships with the aim of fulfilling point 1.

3) Otherwise capture or destroy any Corsair vessels encountered by any means necessary.

The crew of the Mordrake had followed those orders for three months now; three months without a pause, patrolling the fringes of the OQ while in the last few weeks their ship experienced technical problems and equipment failures. Most of the time they found nothing, hearing rumors of Corsair sightings from passing loderunners and other traders on the fringes of known space, until three days ago – when they were finally heading back to a repair base with technical problems. The stardrive had gone on the fritz to the extent that it was becoming unreliabl

to them!' He thought determinedly as he briskly walked to the Captain's cabin. It wasn't that far away from the officer's section of the general crew accommodation block amidships, and took him all of five minutes, every step echoing in the strangely quiet and deserted corridors. He didn't see a soul on the way there, nor did he hear a sound of life – not even as he passed the – he felt all alone on this normally bustling and busy ship, and he could even hear the extractor fans working above the grid work of the ceiling! It was so quiet he could almost hear his own breathing. 'How do you tell a man he's going to die? Well, Blaine – Captain – you're going to share your thoughts with me on that!'

Lofflin rang the chime. There was no answer. He tried again, with the same result. He wasn't in the mood for a repeat performance of his previous attempt to see the Captain. Then he put his ear to the door and listened. He heard music… The words were drawled, American. If he strained his hearing, it sounded like country music… Seriously, Blaine? It was real depressing stuff! But then, wasn't everything right now?

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