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   Chapter 88 No.88

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5494

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The Undertaker gave a triple lurch as the missiles impacted on the shields. A distant rumbling noise made the ship vibrate around them as they absorbed the impact.

"I think they seem to have done a good job, Mr. Blachart. Status!" Mykl barked.

"No damage sir, shields stable!"

"Can you give us a visual?"

"On screen, sir." Hanson said, flicking a few switches. A dark shape appeared on an insert on the main screen. It showed the vessel behind them. It was clearly larger and more powerful than Undertaker. Its name was emblazoned across the square bows.

"The Bloody Mary!" Mykl breathed. "Godsdammit, what a name!"

The insert flashed off again.

"Firing again." Hanson reported, "And I'm picking up a group of signals closing from behind them."

"More ships?"

"Seven more!"

"Eta to astorfield?"

"Dead ahead, sir – two minutes forty seconds present speed!"

"Let's not wait around, shall we?"

They approached the edge of the astorfield, the Corsair in close pursuit. It seemed long seconds before the first rocks floated by at speed. Bright flashes indicated hits on some of the lumps of rock around them. Mild chaos reigned for a time as chunks of 'roid bounced off Undertaker's shields. Slowly but surely, the distance between hunted and hunter began to increase. The larger warships could not maneuver as easily. Presently, they lost visual contact with each other and the barrage stopped.

"We've lost contact, can't see them, sir." Hanson sighed, relieved.

"Don't relax yet, Lt. They're still there. They won't give up so easily – their whole organization is at risk! And don't forget the patrol ships!


Hanson leaned over to work the weapons controls, auto loading the torpedo launchers. He nodded to indicate readiness.


"Firing now!"

Two torpedoes streaked at the lead ship and impacted on the shields. Another exchange rocked their boat.

"Shields failing, Captain!"

"Warp speed, Hanson?"

"One more minute!"

They were being surrounded, boxed in. The other Corsairs were joining the three in close pursuit, catching up quickly.

"Sir!" Hanson cried, "They've got a tractor beam on us! Force three!"

Mykl's heart jumped. That would be the end! They couldn't risk going to warp speed while held in a tractor lock – the ship would be ripped apart! Now they had to fight their way out! It was going to be a grim battle with a predictable outcome – all bad. Perhaps they should've packed some of those chic little travel bags after all.

The Corsairs were using Undertaker for target practice, each ship taking a turn to fire at their prey. Undertaker rocked and bounced, taking punishment. Inevitably, sooner or later, something was going to happen. It did.

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