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   Chapter 86 No.86

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5206

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

Blachart was having a hard time shaking them. It was a train, a long black body of machines, with a red head, turning as he turned… Hang on, maybe he could use that to his advantage! Blachart braked sharply, dropped a gear, and aimed the car under the nearest ship, roaring towards it. They heard the sudden roar of reflected sound as they passed under its belly. The driver of the lead cruiser almost rolled his vehicle to stay on their quarry's tail, realizing far too late that his machine was too high to go under, and ducked just in time to avoid losing his head as the roof peeled off and his cruiser jammed fast under the ship! Black-clothed figures on its back were flung past the sides, airborne. The cruiser behind that one smashed into the back of it. Number three managed to swerve, but then got t-boned by number four. Number five hit number four, and ramped over its back.

Blachart, feeling inspired, gleefully cackled as they sped away, leaving the tarmac behind them in mirthful carnage and chaos. The awed passengers in the red car cast silent stares behind at the destruction in their wake – and then at the driver, with wonderment. Mykl managed a weak smile almost as pale as he was. Casey still looked worried. It was still far from over – they'd gone off at a tangent across the tarmac, Hanson realized, and in the effort to lose their pursuers, they seemed to have lost their way back to their ship! He glanced round at the sea of black loderunners parked all around them. How were they going to find the Undertaker in this? It was a nee

t Casey, who was standing beside him.

"Get to the bridge – Lt. Hanson might need your help." He told him. With a polite "yes, sir", the youth left. The main doors eased shut, the locks slammed home, the air-tight seals popped, and the noise stopped abruptly.

Mykl turned his head to groggily look at Blachart, who was still propping him up.

"Help me get to the bridge." He told him.

The deck began vibrating very subtly as the conversion drive was fired up. It seemed to Mykl a long, painful journey to the bridge. The strong man helped him make it there, and Mykl realized with a little shock that he no longer saw him in the same light as before. He was a hard, strong, dangerous man with many varied interests and skills – a Corsair… but he was other things too. Not just dark and deadly, but there was also light in there. Relief flooded over Mykl as he was finally lowered into the squeaky skipper's chair. He was too tired to even cradle the arm attached to his injured shoulder any more, and let it hang over the side.

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