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   Chapter 82 No.82

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5384

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

Blachart's priority now became getting this man back to the ship before he died – and to get off-planet as soon as possible. Getting back to the Antares – where his pardon and new life awaited him, was the most important thing. As he sat there, flexing his leg muscles, he realized he could just leave Mykl for dead, destroy both their recording devices, go back to the Undertaker, and tell Mykl's remaining crew that they'd run into a patrol and he'd been killed… Or, he considered soberly, he could go back to his erstwhile Corsair masters and claim he was forced into coming with them. It would be a small matter to convince them he had some grandiose plan to lead the Terrans here into a trap. Blachart was no fool though. That would only buy him a little time – and time was exactly what Meradinis was almost out of! He was well aware that no matter how strong the Corsairs thought they were, or how well prepared, they would be no match for the highly organized and powerful Space Fleet if it was brought against them all at once! Meradinis was doomed, and perhaps for the first time, he realized how doomed. Come to think of it, he smiled wearily, Meradinis deserved it! This shithole had it coming!

Blachart was a practical man, who always put his own needs first – but there was something else about this situation – something else about this man in particular. Nothing sexual, nothing romantic – it was just that he, Mykl d'Angelo, had put his trust in him. And Mykl was a smart man, a cunning and wily man who'd put up such a good fight on his ship – and even beaten him. Then he'd given him a new cha

Blachart spotted a large steel dumpster outlined in the dim beam from a nearby streetlight, and guided Mykl towards it. There, they took cover, and Mykl sagged to the ground. Blachart stuck Mykl's pistol in his belt. The Luger came out, silencer still on the end. He listened. Then he edged further away from the dumpster, and listened again. Aside from Mykl's breathing – and the sound of the battle-buggy cruising around the other side of the block to the other end of the alley, all was quiet. Sure enough, a man's pounding footsteps echoed in the shadows from the way they came. From his dark hiding place, he saw the black-clad man emerge from the darkness. He stopped, gripping his assault rifle tensely, listening. Mykl groaned, drifting in a nightmare world of screaming bullets and endless alleys... The man jerked his rifle round in their direction – the Luger quietly went tuk – and his quarry folded up and pitched into the shadows. Blachart congratulated himself – now to double back while they were expecting them to emerge from the other side of the alley!

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