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   Chapter 79 No.79

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5214

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

"So are you dating anyone at the moment?' Mykl asked at the risk of it sounding like a come-on – which was the very last thing he wanted. "Just curious."

Mykl was unabashedly hetero, but he was one of those men who prided themselves in being secure in his own identity and sexuality, and thus never felt threatened by what floated the goats of others. Blachart shook his head.

"Not for a very long time." He told Mykl. "But I live in hope."

Both fell silent and concentrated on their drinks. Moving images flickered on the large flat screen TV on the wall above the bustling and brightly lit bar. In the last few minutes it had showed a lousy whodunit that verged on a who-didn't, and an advert that made cunning use of a cartoon mouse peddling a range of local soft drinks called Coolers. No-one around seemed to care, mainly due to the lively conversations, card games, gambling and consumption of alcohol going on. Blue smoke filled the air from cigarettes, cigars and pipes – there was no new-agey anti-smoking in public law here. As the top of the eighth hour approached, the news jingle played. An old timer, clearly in the terminal stages of old timer's disease, who sat cradling his precious bottle of hooch, wasn't being prevented from watching the news, but he couldn't hear it because of the noise being made by the two degenerates rolling around the floor at his feet. The pair seemed to be taking turns in beating each other over their heads with liquor bottles. It was a very spirited fight.

"Hey!" The old man shouted at them. "Keep it d

who were starting to notice the growing circle of empty space around them. A few hushed whispers said: "Hey, that's them!"

Another said, "Hey, those guys look familiar."

Another said, "That's them!"

Another said, "Quiet, mm, tryin' ter watch the news!"

A long awkward silence followed, filled with long, penetrating stares. Nobody dared to move. It was like the gods had pushed the pause button on the VCR of Life – all except in the games room beyond the arches, where the customers were unaware of current events, and whatever was going on in there, went on uninterrupted. The faint beat of whatever was playing on the adjoining dance floor rumbled on distantly in the background.

"Hey, Alf – yer canna do that!" A coarse voice laden with a Scottish accent boomed from the games room, crystal clear in the silence. "Yer canna use a dagger in darts, ya numpty!"

"Why ever not, yer wee bloody fuckbumper?" A man, presumably Alf, argued back in the same accent. "It's a perfec'ly guid dagger – anyway, I like the balance!"

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