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   Chapter 77 No.77

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 4236

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Since they were essentially wearing their recording equipment in the form of the portacams, all they had to do was walk around and steal with their eyes, so to speak. This they did, loitering round the park – taking in the sights, and in more ways than one.

As they strolled past the main entrance, they noticed a squad of twenty men drilling smartly to the great iron gates of the Palace, marching to a snare drum being played softly by another who marched a few paces behind. They wore black uniforms with red stripes and badges, carried shiny black rifles with shiny brass bits, and they seemed to be pretty – well, uniform in appearance – but… He noticed Blachart watching him intently. The man seemed amused at his expression.

"What is it now?" He asked.


"Totally." He replied. "Soldiers? Drilling? An army? Here?"

"Not an army, more of a palace guard, really."

As the squad marched neatly past them, every second step sounding a beat louder than the intervening ones on the pathway, Mykl began to appreciate the variety and richness of the Corsair culture. Like most other outsiders, he thought, he was used to thinking of the Corsairs as little more than brute killers and monsters, with no refinement or culture – and yet, here he w

the front window, still appreciating the numb expression on Mykl's face. The simple reason he'd had to get out to pay off the driver was because in that taxi, a large sheet of armor-plate separated the driver's cab from the passengers. This was not because he was rather dangerous, had a name that sounded like a Russian railway station and ate things raw and very often, still living. It was because frequently, the passengers were even more dangerous and didn't give money, but instead tried to take it.

Mykl was relieved to get out of the cab. He'd been driven around at a very docile pace, at what passed for a civilized speed limit on most colonies – by a seven foot tall maniac who wore braces and a head band, and giggled every time he saw a stop sign. The fact that he'd stopped every time hadn't helped to make him feel any better.

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