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   Chapter 76 No.76

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 6519

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"You're the boss man, remember?" The man replied darkly. "Why're you whispering, anyway? I think your people on my ship probably heard this!"

"Okay, we stick to the plan." Mykl decided.

"Fine, let's get out of here." Blachart said, "Before more cops turn up."

"Hey, Casey." Hanson called. The kid was white-faced and trembling. At least, the bits of his face that hadn't been sprayed with blood and gore, were white. It was his first time out, and certainly his first time in this sort of situation. He'd fired energy weapons in simulations before, but never a sawed-off shotgun in close confines – and energy weapons didn't tear up bodies the way projectile weapons did.

"Well, fuck – that's quite a shower you had there, son!" Hanson grinned, and gave the youth a smack across the shoulders. There was blood everywhere. The kid wiped his face on his black shirt sleeves, which helped a little, and looked up at him.

"Don't worry." He said, "You did great – it'll be all right."

"Yes, sir." Casey said.

They left the messy room, stepping over bodies, and emerged back in the terminal. The shots hadn't gone entirely unnoticed, and passersby went about other people's business with slightly increased vigor. Some cast a few furtive glances their way, leaving a growing circle of empty space around the ID verifications office.

"That's right, you assholes." Hanson scoffed quietly. "Run. The Star Marines are comin'. 'Oo-rah."

Casey giggled nervously, and reloaded his weapon.

"I didn't like doing that." Mykl said aside to Blachart. "It was almost murder."

"They would've arrested us and interrogated us." Blachart explained. "In the end they would've killed us. There really was no choice. It was them or us."

"So that makes it all right, then, does it?" Mykl hissed, still shaken. He was flooded with relief and panic, almost simultaneously. Blachart displayed little true emotion, but what little Mykl could see were

stood atop a slight hill at the center of a large roundabout from which four long, broad roads radiated outwards. It was surrounded by blocks of shorter buildings that seemed to fade off into the distance. A wide sidewalk ran around the palace compound at the center. Some serious and very admirable effort at town planning seemed to have been made here, and amid all the concrete and glass, there was greenery and some flower beds, and the makings of a reasonably well-maintained public park. Statues of famous Corsairs dotted the green lungs of the city, monuments to the real-life pirates of Earth's oceans all those centuries ago – and more recent Corsair heroes. The imposing and elaborate structure of the Black Palace was lit by flood lights in the grounds. A few lights were on in some upper floor windows. The structure was similar in function to the old Pentagon on Earth, Blachart explained, being a control center for all the Corsair's armed forces, their fleet, and also a residence for its leaders. The lighting highlighted the classical features of the structure in shadow – fluted pillars, lavishly decorated white marble wall panels, framed in glossy black stone. The grandeur of it all stood in stark contrast with the rest of the city, which seemed to be rather on the seedy side.

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