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   Chapter 75 No.75

The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1 By Christina Engela Characters: 5083

Updated: 2018-06-29 19:02

"Who's first?" The dyke asked gruffly. If she even noticed the suddenly worried expressions on their faces, she seemed to be ignoring them. At least one of them was a few steps ahead, with the presence of mind to try and form the beginnings of a plan.

"Me." Said Blachart, stepping forward, more concerned than he looked. He placed his ID card in her outstretched hand. He noticed the leathery masculine appearance. They were strong hands, short nails, no color. He hadn't seen her before anywhere. There used to be an old man working in that office previously, by the name of Si. The old man just read newspapers and checked ID cards the old fashioned way. Occasionally he would take a bribe for some extra contraband, or to look the other way. The old man never had a computer in there before.

"What happened to Si?" Blachart asked, sounding casual.

"Retired." Was the rude reply as she inserted the card into a slot.

"He wasn't due for at least another two years."

"Early retirement, then, dude." She snapped. "He was on the take and didn't pay his subs. I caught him out and did him myself." She said with a hint of a smile of one who is thinking 'Gods, I love this job!'

"Ah." Blachart said, genuinely disappointed. "One of security's perks, eh?"

"You got it – hand down there." She instructed, indicating the small red panel. It shone with a brilliant red light, like a window on the wastes of Hell. Mykl swallowed nervously, the fact that they were in twice as much trouble as they thought, poundi

time – wild eyes. Hard eyes. They belonged to one who spared no thought for others, except for what she could derive from them. Were they windows to her soul, they would provide a breathtaking view of a brick wall in an alley way. Blachart's Luger spat three times, laying her low behind the desk. Bored fell just as the boom of the last shot from Hanson's sidearm faded. Suddenly, it was all over a lot quicker than it had taken to read.

After all the noise, they couldn't hear a pin drop for all the silence in the small room. All Mykl's men were still standing, none hurt. He sighed in relief, and watched as Blachart stepped over a body and leaned over the counter to look at the operator, who lay crumpled on the floor. Nobody so obviously in need of a good plastic surgeon could be alive.

"Wherever you are, " He said softly to her, "If you see Si, tell him I sent you."

'How's that for scary now?' Mykl added silently. "Okay, what do we do now?" He hissed at Blachart, holding his nine-mil ready.

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